What is a Workstation Sink?

What is a Workstation Sink?
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A kitchen sink is perhaps the most underrated thing in your cooking space, but a workstation sink can entirely transform how the household prepares the daily meals. 

So, what is a workstation sink? In a commercial setting a workstation helps a chef and their team to work efficiently and save preparation time. The modern-day workstation sinks function similarly by creating an all in one workspace right at the kitchen sink. Workstation sinks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and are built with an array of materials. The pricing mainly depends on the size and features.

The workstation sink accessories vary from one brand to another. Still, typically it includes maneuverable & movable accessories to fit over the sink on a built in ledge. Allora USA workstation sinks include all the prep items a working kitchen needs; colanders, cutting boards, roll up drying racks, grids, and strainers with drain covers.  

Offer Increased Workspace

No matter the size of your kitchen, space is always a valuable commodity. This is where the workstation sink scores. By utilizing the built in ledge you can turn your sink into additional prep space without cluttering your countertop. This is especially helpful when counter space is limited. The colander and roll up drying rack keep your countertop clean by allowing water to drain directly into the sink instead of all over your counter. For marble countertops, which develop stubborn strain marks, a workstation sink could be a lifesaver. 

The stainless steel bottom grid not only protects your sink from damage, it helps quiet your kitchen by keeping pots and pans from clanging in the sink. 

A perfect addition to any kitchen, from the largest to most space-constrained kitchen spaces such as an RV with a limited cooking space. In a nutshell, if you want to maximize space and functionality, then installing a workstation sink is a superb option. 

Your kitchen has to deal with a lot of tasks that are not very sanitary. The biggest advantage of having a modern workstation sink is that it organizes your sink efficiently to reduce the chance of any cross-contamination. For example, chicken is a staple in many kitchens, but raw chicken can carry dangerous bacteria. A workstation sink allows you to chop and prepare directly over the sink, then wash the dirty items in the same location without the risk of spreading germs on all your kitchen’s surfaces.

Functional Storage

Just for a second, think how much space cutting boards, drying racks, and colanders take up in both your kitchen cabinets and counters. It can be a lot of square footage! You can save valuable kitchen real estate with a smart workstation sink. Workstation sink accessories stack and store directly in your sink meaning you don’t have to worry about these accessories hogging your kitchen space.

Easy Cleanup

Yes, you heard it right! Washing, chopping, and straining happens over the workstation sink, so the countertop remains clean and less messed up. The upcoming holiday season often means you’ll be having guests coming unannounced. Luckily, with accessories available with a workstation sink, you can easily block the view of those dishes. 

Let’s Wind Up

In the end, we can conclude a workstation sink has a plethora of benefits for a modern family. Whether your home features a sprawling chef’s kitchen, or a small convenience kitchenette extra counter space is always a plus. A workstation sink adds style and function without sacrificing counterspace. The availability of an array of designs and styles makes it simple to pick one that seamlessly compliments your kitchen’s interiors and adds beneficial resources to space. 

Are you considering a workstation sink for your own home? Visit www.allorausa.com for the stylish and functional range of workstation sinks at the most competitive pricing.  
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