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What's Included?
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Choosing the perfect sink & faucet color – Dark colors are in while white is making its way out!

Even though white cabinets give your kitchen a gorgeous classic look, we are starting to notice that the trend is making its way out the door. We anticipate that the color white will begin to see a significant decline through 2022.

Choosing the perfect sink & faucet colorIf you are thinking about remodeling your white kitchen cabinets, and you would like to break up the “all-white” vibe, you can incorporate a stunning black sink with an elegant matching faucet. If, like most, you have white cabinets with a dark to black countertop, you can replace your stainless-steel sink and faucet with a more luxurious colors such as gold. Adding a gold faucet and a gold sink to any kitchen can give it that lavish look without having to spend thousands on remodeling your entire kitchen.

When on a budget
Remember, if you are thinking about updating to your kitchen and you are on a tight budget, replacing your kitchen sink as well as your faucet will make a powerful impact with the least amount of money spent. Choosing from any of the newly available color such as gold, gunmetal and black will make a notable impact. Expect to see the trendiest homes with these new colored sinks and faucets. We foresee a vast of gold as well as the darker color shades being used in the upcoming year.

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