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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?

Commercial Sinks & Faucets for Contractors

Equipping a commercial business with the right tools is an important aspect of any business’s success. Without the required equipment, carrying out daily business can be a hassle. In a professional restaurant or food-service environment, having proper commercial kitchen sinks and faucets can significantly improve the overall workflow and can speed up food prep time.

However, purchasing the relevant products for a construction project from a hardware store can be expensive. Luckily, many sink and faucet manufacturers — like us — can provide the necessary hardware to contractors and trade professionals alike.

Bulk Inventory

Our sink and faucet plants offer clients the option to purchase goods in bulk. This alleviates the need to shop around for the same product and be charged different prices from various stores with higher prices.

Working directly with a sink and faucet manufacturer helps alleviate this problem as products are directly available in the numbers you need. This can save quite a bit of money in the long run, especially when outsourcing commercial faucets in bulk. By purchasing commercial sinks and faucets directly from Allora USA, clients can also stand to profit from our discounts and reduced prices depending on the number of bulk items purchased.


It’s not easy to find all the necessary products to complete a commercial project from a hardware store. However, directly dealing with a kitchen and faucet manufacturer grants clients the opportunity to outsource all the products needed for their projects. This also gives access to products of all materials, models, shapes, and sizes. We offer a range of high-quality products, including stainless-steel commercial faucets and both metal and ceramic sinks to fit all construction needs.

Ensures ADA Compliance and Efficiency

When running a commercial establishment, it is important to provide accessible facilities to accommodate people with disabilities. Our commercial sinks and faucets take special care to ensure ADA compliance and efficiency, making our products ideal for commercial restrooms, restaurants, and other plumbing-heavy businesses.

Not all hardware stores and outlets readily provide ADA-compliant products, which is why directly dealing with a sink and faucet manufacturer is one way to guarantee ADA compliance. Furthermore, all professional and licensed sink and faucet manufacturers across the U.S are required to adhere to ADA-compliant designs to fit within any commercial setting for all disabled individual use.

Quality Products

One benefit of working with a commercial sink provider is that one is guaranteed high-quality and efficient products. As plumbing manufacturers, we understand the importance of securing top-notch products that provide great service for years to come. Cheap and low-quality products will only wear down quickly, requiring constant repairs, maintenance, and even replacement. Our fixtures are made with durable materials that guarantee longevity and reliability within any commercial setting.

Professional Service

Our committed team of professionals helps ensure that all customers get the quality service that they deserve. We provide expert assistance as our sales team helps to recommend the best products to match each client’s construction and budgeting criteria. We also offer reliable customer care with thorough commitment and dedication to ensure all customers are satisfied with our services.

Purchasing commercial sink and faucet equipment straight from the manufacturer can significantly cut costs when starting a commercial construction project. Our services are aimed at providing contractors with high-quality and durable products for any commercial business. Contact Allora USA today, and we’ll help by securing the right commercial sinks and faucets to fit your construction needs.


For your commercial projects take advantage of additional discounts with custom quote pricing. Our dedicated project sales team can assist to your needs by recommending products that are right for your budget. We also offer custom products, contact us today about your projects!

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Trade professionals get discounts on all products. Whether you are a kitchen and bath dealer, remodeler or a contractor, our pro sales team can assist you on all your residential projects in selecting the right product.

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