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What are the Differences Between All These Sink Radiuses?

Radius sink allora

What are the different types of sink radiuses? A simple guide explaining the differences between each sink radius.

We frequently are asked this question. Before we dive into the analysis let me explain what a “corner radius” means and how it is measured. In a sink, the radius refers to the angle of the corners. The radius is measured on the inside of the sink. You might think that the radius of the sink you are about to purchase is not that important. In reality, this small distinction can completely alter the style, look, and functionality of the sink.

These two sinks have the same width, which is 30 inches. They both have the same stainless steel finish. If you pay close attention to the corners, you will notice the difference in the radius. The sink on the left has a standard radius and the sink on the right has a zero radius. Now, let’s go over each radius type and the measurements this way you will have a better idea of which sink is best for you.  

KSN-3018 Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

KH-3018 Single Bowl Kitchen Sink


Measuring the Radius

The way a radius is acquired is by measuring the inside section of the sink. A tool that you can use to get an accurate measurement is Carpenter’s Square. Place the square above the sink, making sure that you align the square flush to the inside walls of the sink. Once you have your square aligned, as illustrated in the image above, you have to make sure you spot where the curve of the sink stops. Where the curve and the straight lines meet is where your radius ends. Above, you can see that the sink’s radius is 3-1/2 inches or 88.9millimeters. Dulles Glass & Mirror has a great tutorial video on YouTube

Standard Radius


Standard radius sinks have a radius between 3″ (76.2mm) to 4″ (101.6mm). In most cases, standard sinks have a depth of 9″ (228.6mm). For the most part, the standard radius is the number one choice for most homeowners. The descending corners direct water to the drain, allowing all debris to be flushed away with ease. Pair this sink with an elegant faucet and you will have a stunning outcome. 

R-25 Radius

R25 radius

R-25 radius sinks have an approximate radius of 1″ (25mm). In most cases, standard sinks have a depth of 9″ (228.6mm). This style of sink is perfect for those who are looking for more of a modern look and still want the curves of the standard radius. 

R-15 RadiusR15 radiusR-15 radius, also referred to as “tight radius” sinks have an approximate radius of 3/4″ (19.05mm). In most cases, standard sinks have a depth of 9″ (228.6mm). This style of sink is perfect for those who are looking for more of a modern look and still want the curves of the standard radius. 

Zero Radius

Zero radius sinksZero radius sinks have a radius of 0″ (0mm). In most cases, standard sinks have a depth of 10″ (254mm). These styles of sinks are precisely rectangular with perfectly straight edges in comparison to the other more gentle and sloped sides. In comparison to the traditional apron sinks, the zero radii have a resemblance to restaurant or other commercial sinks. Pair your sink up with an industrial faucet and you you will have the perfect match of perfection. Since zero radius sinks are flat on the bottom, you will be able to stack dishes without the fear of them falling over.  

Below you will find several gorgeous types of sinks and faucets that Allora USA has to offer. If you are still unsure of what radius sink to purchase, or the type of faucet you should get to complement your sink – give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you further.  

Gold Sink

KH-3018-R15-GL Gold Kitchen Sink

KSN-3018-GM Allora USA Gunmetal Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

KSN-3318 Allora USA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse apron kitchen sink

KH-3621F-R15 Farmhouse Sink

Double bowl kitchen sink

KSN-3218R Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

KH-2718 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

workstation sink

KHWS-3318-R15 Workstation Kitchen Sink


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