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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?
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Shop by Length

Allora USA offers a variety of lengths in single and double 9-inch depth sinks that fit any cabinet size. Shop All 9-Inch Depth Sinks »

Under 23 Inch

For smaller cabinets, Allora USA offers a variety of single basin 9-inch depth sinks in various corner radius options.

Shop 23 Inch

Our 23 inch, single basin 9-depth sinks come in a variety of styles to match your preference.

Shop 27 Inch

Our 27 inch kitchen sinks offer a single basin to handle any kitchen chore.

Shop 30 Inch

Our largest single bowl kitchen sinks offer the maximum usable space and come in multiple options for corner radius and gauges.

Shop 31 Inch

Allora USA offers a wide range of options for 31-inch double bowl sinks, from equal to off-set bowls we have the perfect sink for you.

Shop 31+ Inch

Our largest 9-inch depth kitchen sinks, come in a range of bowl configurations offering you the options to pick the sink that best matches your preferences.

Shop by Radius

Personalize your kitchen sink with our standard and radius 25 options for 9-inch depth kitchen sinks. Shop All 9-Inch Depth Sinks »

Standard Radius

The classic kitchen sink design, featuring gradually sloping corners to easily guide water to the drain.

Radius 25

The perfect compromise between the standard radius and the tight radius of handmade sinks. Radius 25 offers more usable space than standard and ease of maintena...

Shop by Gauge

When selecting a sink it is important to consider the gauge which can increase sound dampening. Our 9-inch depth sinks come in 16 and 18 gauge. Shop All 9-Inch Depth Sinks »

16 Gauge

Get added sound dampening with 16 gauge sinks with a greater thickness of stainless steel than 18 gauge sinks.

18 Gauge

Allora USA offers a wide variety of 18 gauge sinks, the industry standard, in various lengths and bowl configurations.

9 Inch Depth Sink Series

The standard for corner radius and the classic kitchen design. Allora USA offers a wide range of 9 inch kitchen sinks in various lengths, styles, bowl configurations, and gauges.