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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?
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Shop Sinks by Radius

The radius of a sink can help bring your design to life. From the bold lines of zero radius to the traditional beauty of standard radius, we have the perfect sink. Shop All Radius »

Zero Radius

Create a buzz for your bar or prep area with the striking design of a hand made zero radius sink.

Radius 25

For the perfect compromise of style and ease of upkeep choose a radius 25 bar or prep sink.

Standard Radius

Never go wrong with the traditional beauty of the gradual corners featured in our standard bar or prep sinks.

Shop Sinks by Depth

Whether you need an ADA-compliant sink or the depth to wash glasses and plates, we have all the options. Shop All Depths »


If your bar or prep area is being designed with ADA requirements, we can help with a beautiful top-mounted ADA-compliant bar or prep station sink.

8 Inch Depth

If your cabinets or plumbing leave you with limited space, we have the perfect solution. Learn more about our 8-inch deep bar or prep sinks.

9 Inch Depth

When your bar or prep sink is called upon to wash dishes after your latest gathering, opt for one of our 9-inch deep sinks. Enhance the beauty of your bar or pr...

Shop Sinks by Installation

Every bar or prep area comes with its own unique space and size requirements. Whether you need an undermount or top-mount sink, shop today to find the perfect sink. Shop All Installation Types »


Allora USA offers a range of undermount bar and prep sinks, in various radius, depth and style options.


Our topmount bar sink offers a beautiful crown of stainless steel to accentuate your countertop and bar area.

Shop by Faucet Style

Whether your design calls for a traditional style or a bold and elegant statement, Allora USA has all the options you need. Choose from a range of single-handle bar or prep station faucets. Shop All Bar Faucets »

Single-Handle Gooseneck Bar Faucet

Make a statement and leave an impression with the timeless beauty of a gooseneck faucet designed to fit the needs of any bar or prep area.

Single-Handle Bar Faucet

Our single-handle bar faucet offers the functionality and style to make any bar or prep area standout.

Bar and Prep Series

Allor USA offers a variety of bar and prep area sinks and faucets. From the dramatic lines of 90-degree corners to elegant faucets, we have the options to help you create the perfect environment. Bring style and beauty to your bar or prep station with Allora USA’s lineup of sinks and faucets.

Bar Sinks and Faucets for Prep

If you have ever had a drink from a bar, you might have gotten a glimpse of a typical bar sink. As you can see, it doesn’t look quite like a kitchen sink or bathroom sink. Read on to learn how bar sinks differ from what you are familiar with.


What Is a Bar Sink?

The first detail you will notice about the sink in your local bar or restaurant is that it is about half the size of the sinks you have at home. These have a larger reach than their counterparts do. The faucet on a bar sink is generally in a gooseneck shape. These high-clearance gooseneck faucets leave plenty of room for the hustle and bustle of washing glasses or filling pitchers in the food service industry. For other bar and prep-area sinks that aren’t for filling pitchers, customers can opt for the smaller single-handle bar faucet.

These sinks are made in various shapes and sizes. They can be round, square, oval, rectangular, and even D-shaped. A typical bar sink is no more than 18-inches wide, with the smallest being 12-inches wide. There are two ways in which they can be installed: undermount and drop-in.


Dry Bar Sinks

Bar sinks can also be dry. This means that they lack a faucet. These types of sinks are often equipped with a drain so that it is easy to dry glasses. In some cases, there is no plumbing supporting for this type of sink. The water that goes down the drain simply pours into a container. If there is no container under the sink, the water simply lays on the floor beneath it. Many bars will do this because it costs them less and is easier for them to clean.

A dry bar sink is also one you can use at home if you regularly entertain guests. These sinks can be used to hold ice and chill bottles or cans.