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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?
Kitchen Sink

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Show off your style and set the tone with our wide variety of sinks. Shop All Sinks »

Shop By Sink Length

Unsure about which sink you need? It all starts with the size of your cabinet and countertop. Shop by your cabinet size for the perfect sink! Shop All Sinks »

Shop by Depth

When selecting a sink it is important to consider if your project has ADA requirements or if your plumbing configuration or cabinet design limits available space. These play a part in selecting the right sink depth. Shop All Sinks »

Shop by Radius

Modern design and remarkable durability, choose from a variety of  radius corners that provide more space and easier cleaning.

Shop By Number of Bowl

Choose from our large selection of single and double bowl kitchen sinks. With various sizes and depths, we have the right sink for your needs. Shop All Sinks »

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Choose from our large selection of kitchen sinks materials ranging from stainless steel, granite composite, and fireclays. Shop All Sinks »

Favorite Kitchen Sinks

The right sink does more than offer a utilitarian solution for washing dishes. It makes a statement and enhances the aesthetics of what is often the most important and heavily used space in the entire home. At Allora USA, we have the perfect kitchen sink for your home improvement and design needs.

Our Selection

We understand that no two homes should be identical, and that includes the kitchen sink. We offer a wide selection of sizes, radius options, and even steel thicknesses to help address use considerations, stylistic desires, and other needs.


For instance, plumbers, builders, designers, and architects can choose from iconic farmhouse kitchen sinks with aprons, double or single bowl kitchen sinks, and everything in between. Choose from under-mount, top-mount, zero radius, and more!


Our sinks are handcrafted from the highest quality stainless steel. You can even choose between 18 gauge and 16 gauge to get the right thickens and durability for each installation. Need something smaller than usual? Opt for a stainless-steel bar sink. Prefer something larger? Choose from multiple styles of large single and double-bowl kitchen sinks.

Go Custom

Need a one-off sink for your commercial project? Why settle for off-the-shelf products? We can custom design kitchen sinks to meet your project’s unique requirements. Get in touch with us today!

ADA Compliant

Does your project or design call for ADA compliant sinks? We have you covered, with our series of ADA kitchen sinks you can choose from various sizes, styles and radius options.

Zero Radius Series

The right kitchen sink sets the tone for the entire room. Let Allora USA help you create the environment you want. Contact us today to learn more or browse our selection of handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks.