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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?
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Shop by Length

Cabinet size the primary factor in choosing a kitchen sink. This measurement will determine which sink lengths you can consider. Allora USA has a large selection spanning all cabinet sizes. Shop All Standard Radius Sinks »

Shop by 23 Inch

We offer a wide selection of styles and depths in standard radius for 24 inch cabinets.

Shop by 27 Inch

View our selection of 27-inch single bowl standard radius sinks in varying depths and gauges.

Shop by 30 Inch

Meet ADA-requirements or special depth needs with our collection of single and double bowl 30-inch standard radius sinks.

Shop by 31 Inch

Our 31-inch standard radius sinks come in a range of double bowl configurations to match your preference.

Shop by 32 Inch

Our lineup of 32-inch standard radius sinks come in various offset designs to help you select the perfect functionality.

Shop by 33 Inch

Our largest double sinks, offered in equal and offset bowls, for those who need multiple bowls to deal with a heavy workload of kitchen chores.

Shop by Bowl

The bowl preference for a kitchen sink often comes down to utility. Do you find yourself constantly short on space for those larger pots and pans, or do you prefer to wash and rinse in different basins or always have a free sink? Shop All Standard Radius Sinks »

Single Bowl

Tackle all your oversized kitchen chores with a single bowl, standard radius sink.

Double Bowl

Get your perfect workspace with an offset or equal double bowl sink. Select the same-sized bowls or opt for one large and one small bowl.

Shop by Depth

Our large selection of standard sinks are offered in various depths from ADA-compliant to 9-inch and multiple options in between, we have the perfect sink for cabinet size and depth requirements. Shop All Standard Radius Sinks »

Shop by ADA-Compliant

Meet ADA-requirements with our range of single and double bowl, and length options.

Shop by 7-Inch Depth

For cabinets with space limitations or plumbing configurations that limit depth, Allora USA offers a range of 7-inch depth options.

Shop by 8-Inch Depth

If your installation requires a topmount sink, Allora USA offers several options in our standard radius 8-inch sink series.

Shop by 9-Inch Depth

Our largest selection of standard radius kitchen sinks features the industry-standard depth of 9 inches.

Shop by Gauge

Our most popular models of standard radius sinks are offered in both 18 and 16 gauge. Select 16 gauge sinks for greater thickness in stainless steel which help dampen noise. Shop All Standard Radius Sinks »

Shop by 18 Gauge

Our wide selection of 18-gauge standard radius sinks includes the most popular single and double sinks, along with specialty sinks.

Shop by 16 Gauge

Select from one of our most popular models in a 16 gauge stainless steel for greater sound dampening that 18 gauge sinks.

Standard Radius Kitchen Sink Series

Radius refers to the angle of every corner within a sink, and standard radius sinks are the traditional and most popular corner radius for kitchen sinks. Designed to guide water to the drain, these sinks are effortless to keep clean and are engineered to avoid water spots.