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Product Number Update Information – Q&A

Sink reference: KH-3018
Blog written by: Julio Santa-Cruz | Allora USA
December 02, 2022


Change encourages innovation

Most of us do not like change in our personal and business lives. This is because change jolts people into consciousness. At times, too much change can be confusing. On the flip side, change encourages innovation and can lead to positive aspects. Change can develop better business opportunities. 

Why the update?

Based on the customer’s suggestions and comments Allora USA has decided to update its product numbers. The update will provide its customers with the utmost information about the products thus making each product easier to identify.

What do the letters and numbers mean?

The letters and numbers in the model number indicate the product’s size, shape, color, depth, and type of material. While the model numbers have changed, our products’ unmatched quality and superior customer service remain the same.

Does the update apply to Kitchen Sinks?

Yes, All of our kitchen sink models will be updated. Below are illustrations that break down what each section represents for our kitchen sinks. 

Do you have an example of the product number update?

Yes. Using the KH-3018 as an example with the update the new model will now be displayed as KH-3018-10-S-R0.

Does the update apply to Vanity Sinks?

Yes, All of our vanity sink models will be updated. Below are illustrations that break down what each section represents for our bathroom sinks. 

Does the update apply to faucets?

No. Our faucet model numbers will remain the same.

When will the update take place?

The official launch of our new product models will take place on January 3, 2023

Can I still order with the previous order number?

For the first couple of months, we will be able to guide and help those who need assistance locating certain products. We encourage everyone to start using our cheat sheet to place orders with the updated model numbers to prevent any order mistakes.

Does Allora USA have a downloadable file where I can compare the old models with the new models?

Yes, we have a downloadable PDF that our customers may download with useful information. Download PDF.

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