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Why the KSN-3118-S is a better option compared to the KSN-3018


Sink reference: KSN-3118-S | KSN-3018
Blog written by: Julio Santa-Cruz | Allora USA
September 2, 2022

By the time you finish reading this short article, you will have a better understanding of why the KSN-3118-S is a better choice when compared to the KSN-3018.

Sink Comparison Chart

This comparison chart will help you visualize how similar these two sinks are when it comes to size, installation, cost, etc. The only difference between these two is the sink’s length. The KSN-3018 has an exterior length of 30-inches while the KSN-3118-S has an exterior length of 31-1/4-inch. The interior length of the KSN-3018 is 28-inches whereas the interior length of the KSN-3118-S is 29-inches.


Same Cabinet Size – More Sink Space

Although the KSN-3118-S is larger than the KSN-3018, they both can still be installed on a 33-inch sink base cabinet. When installing the KSN-3118-S you are making full use of your cabinet space. Most individuals who cook prefer a sink that is larger because of the extra space. Not often do you hear people complain about having a large sink? Having that extra space is best for food prepping and cleaning.

Same Plumbing and Installation

Both the KSN-3118-S and the KSN-3018 have a depth of 9-inches. The drain placement on both of the sinks is in the rear. Since both of these have the same depth and drain placement the plumbing requirements are the same. No hassle at all! There are a few benefits of having a rear drain sink. Since your drain is in the rear of the sink this means your plumbing will be in the rear of the sink as well. This provides you with more usable space on the inside of your cabinet. You will be able to place your dishes in the sink without obstructing the drain thus preventing water build-up.

Same Cost

The cost of the KSN-3118-S is the same as the KSN-3018. So why not take advantage of this? This is a win-win for homeowners, contractors, and builders. For detailed sink specs, take a look at the sink’s technical drawing as well as the spec sheet. If you would like more information about the KSN-3118-S give us a call at 571-291-3484 or send us an email at sales@allorausa.com.

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