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What's Included?
What's Included?
What's Included?

ADA products, and the importance of doing things right

ADA (American Disabilities Act) products are specifically designed to cater to the special needs of people with physical disabilities. In the kitchen or bathroom, ADA compliance is focused on safety, usability, and accessibility. Depth is the primary requirement of ADA compliant kitchen and bathroom sinks, while ease of use is required for ADA compliant faucets.

Our ADA Selection

At AlloraUSA we offer ADA compliant versions of our most popular products. Our line of ADA kitchen sinks come in a variety of sizes, single or double bowl and even radius. With our ADA bathroom sinks, you have the option of selecting a traditional oval design or a more modern rectangular look. All of our kitchen and bathroom faucets are ADA compliant, meaning that you’ll never have to sacrifice form for function.

We can help you pick the ideal product out of a vast available range that extends to the following categories:

Considering the guidelines

ADA standards for accessible design and installation accessibility guidelines are strict and specific. For example, a sink that is meant to be accessible for a wheelchair user should be 5 to 6.5 inches deep. The countertop should be between 29 and 36 inches, and there must be an open space in the room that is at least 60 inches wide to allow the user to turn around.

Our approach

We at Allora USA understand that your decision to renovate your space or even to create a new kitchen or bathroom from scratch is a costly one, with the results often expected to last for a lifetime. With this in mind, and considering the special needs of people with physical disabilities, we provide products that are not only compliant but also built to last.

Whether you’re a homeowner doing a single renovation or your project requires hundreds of sinks or faucets, find the ADA products you need to bring your design to life.

ADA Bathroom Sinks

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Design Tips for ADA Compliant Bathrooms

Whether your remodeling or building a new bathroom, the design for ADA-compliant bathroom will need to follow specific state, local, and federal guidelines. Creating a bathroom that is accessible to people when space is a premium can be a challenging task. The width of entry doors, the amount of floor space to allow for unencumbered movement, and the height of your countertops and toilet are essential ADA requirements. After your design has taken all of these measurements into account you'll need to make sure that the fixtures are also ADA-compliant. ADA-requirements for sinks are that the basin depth does not exceed 6 inches. ADA-compliant faucets are lever-operated and can be activated with one-hand. Automatic shut-off faucets must stay on for at least 10 seconds. With Allora USA's ADA collection, you can create a beautiful bathroom that safely and comfortably supports ADA compliant requirements.

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ADA Kitchen Sink

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Design Tips for ADA Compliant Kitchens

Adding ADA Compliant kitchen faucets and sinks is an easy way to update your home, and make it accessible for all residents, regardless of any age or ability. American Standard offers a range of ADA Compliant Kitchen Sink and Kitchen Faucets to make living at home more convenient for your needs. Here are some tips on designing a compliant kitchen. Faucets should be ergonomic and designed with a single, easy to grip control so that operation is simple and effortless. Faucets should only require the use of one hand to turn on and off. Hands-free faucet technology, such as Selectronic, is a great option to use in an ADA Kitchen. Sinks designed to be wheelchair accessible are usually shallow and range from 5 inches to 6.5 inches deep. This allows user to reach all the way to the bottom of the sink, and still provide enough clearance under the sink for a wheelchair or other walking aid. To better accommodate wheelchair users, make sure the countertop or work surface is between 29 – 36 inches high. A walk through kitchen should be 40 inches wide to allow for a wheelchair to fit, while an enclosed, pass-through kitchen should have 60 inches of open space to allow for a wheelchair to be able to turn around.


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