3 Types of Undermount Sink Reveals

Which reveal is right for you?

Undermount sinks are sinks which are installed underneath the countertop, opposed to sinks that are installed from the top. In most instances, when you purchase a sink, you have the option of getting an undermount or a top-mount sink. Top mount sinks also referred to as drop-in sinks have a lip that allows the sink from falling straight through the countertop opening. On the other hand, Undermount sinks are securely installed under your countertop. For this reason, undermount sinks require professional installation. Undermount sinks require the proper use of glue-like epoxy and bolting underneath the countertop with sink clips. What makes undermount sinks so popular is that they are visually appealing. Undermount sinks do not interfere with the visual appearance of your countertop. It also allows for easy cleaning, as you can easily sweep water, food, crumbs, and other waste right off the edge of the countertop and into your sink. For these very reasons undermount sinks are winners amongst other sink types.

If you end up deciding that the undermount option is right for you then your decision will be choosing the reveal. The reveal outlines how much of the undermount sink is noticeable below the countertop. Your sink can be mounted in these three different types of reveals: zero, positive, or negative. Let’s go over the three undermount sink reveals that are currently available.

Zero Sink Reveal

A zero reveal allows your countertop to be flush to the sinks rim. It is also the most visually appealing of the three as well as the most practical. This reveal is free from the overhangs that have cracks and crevices where trash can get stuck and then become hard to clean. The zero reveal requires the fabricator be highly precise with their measurements in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Positive Sink Reveal

A positive reveal is when the edge of the countertop sits back exposing a portion of the sink’s rim. In most cases, the countertop will sit back 1/8th of an inch from the edge of the sink. Some customers like this feature because they can use this to their advantage by resting a cutting board or a colander on the rim. The only drawback is that if the reveal is not cleaned regularly food, grim, and debris can build-up overtime. If the positive reveal is something you like because of the accessories you are able to utilize, then you might want to consider a workstation.

A workstation provides you with a zero sink reveal and the sink comes with a built-in ledge which allows you to use accessories such as a cutting board, roll up drying mat, and a colander. You get the best of both worlds with a workstation. The positive reveal allows fabricators to have more leeway when installing the undermount sink. 

Negative Sink Reveal

A negative sink reveal is when the countertop hangs over the edge of the sink on all four sides. In most cases, the countertop will extend about 1/8th past the sinks edge. A majority of customers go with this reveal because it is the most visually appealing of the three. The reason why most people like the negative reveal is because the countertop completely hides the rim of the sink. The only draw back to this reveal is that if your countertop is more susceptible to chipping you run the risk of having these problems occur later down the line. The negative reveal allows fabricators to have the most leeway when fabricating the sink cutout as well as when installing the undermount sink.

Final Thoughts

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