Top 4 Benefits of Kitchen Island with Sink and Seating

When it comes to optimal kitchen design, the island is a fundamental component that offers different functionalities. The island is usually installed in the middle of the kitchen therefore when remodeling this area, you must pay close attention to the design aspect because it will have an immense impact on the look and feel of the space. After reading this blog you will no longer think that a kitchen island is just for show, you will now have legitimate reasons on how your kitchen can profit from having one. Here are four reasons why you might benefit from having an island.

1. Extra Counter Space

If you are thinking of adding an island to your kitchen, be mindful that in most cases, you should have around 150 square feet of space to comfortably add an island. Your island should provide enough countertop space, but it should not use up the entire space in the room.


When designing think proportion. Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder and project director of Fortress Home, suggests that “Kitchen islands should take up between one-tenth to one-fifteenth of your overall kitchen area.” Kitchen Islands provides you with more counter space to prep meals. It is a great way to create a functional workflow. You might consider installing additional outlets for small appliances. If you have the available space you may want to include a sink right on your island. A kitchen sink, in most instances, is the focal point when trying to anchor a color scheme.


You now have numerous options of colors and styles to choose from such as gunmetalgoldwhite fireclayrose-gold, and granite composite. With these many options, trying to match your cabinet door knobs will be a painless experience. If you do consider installing a sink on your island then you must consider installing one of these distinguished faucets. The A-750-BN is an elegant single-handle faucet that can be turned on or off with a simple touch. The faucet you choose is as important as the sink, so make sure you do your research. If you are trying to match your black fixtures the A-760-BL is a great choice. For those who are looking for a gold finish, the A-720-G is a must-have.

2. Room For Additional Seating

Having additional sitting is one of the biggest selling points when it comes to incorporating an island in a kitchen. For families who are frustrated by a lack of seating, an island will provide a place for family and guests to sit and enjoy time together. Large kitchen islands can accommodate as many as six people while smaller ones can provide seating for two people. It is a perfect location for kids to hang out or do homework while parents make dinner. You may also welcome your kids to help you prep food or bake cookies, and if cooking is not something they are interested in then you can have them pull up a stool and share an enjoyable conversation with you.

An island countertop is perfect for any large arts and crafts project because it provides more than enough space. Having a sink on your island makes cleaning effortless, especially when installing an undermount sink.

Seating Options

If your kitchen island sits two people a perfect size under-mount sink is the KSN-2318 or the KH-2318. If your island sits three people a great sink option would be the KSN-3018 or the  KH-3018. When trying to match your black cabinet hardware or your kitchen appliances then the KSN-3018-GM or the KH-3018-R15-GM will make a bold statement. With a new and trendy gold look, the KH-3018-R15-GL or the KH-3018-R15-RG will be a great addition to your gorgeous kitchen. Just don’t forget to add a faucet to complement your newly designed kitchen and bring it all together.

3. More Storage Space

One of the most positive feedback people give when updating their kitchen is that they can have additional storage space when adding an island to their layout. When designing your island something to consider would be the type of cabinets you will be adding. In most cases having drawers versus doors will provide more storage especially if you go with the three-drawer pull-out cabinet. If you are a wine enthusiast consider a built-in wine lattice rack. Take it a step further you can add a wine glass rack above it to tie it all in. If space is available, having additional drawers or doors on the front and rear of the island provides lots of extra storage.

Sink and Faucet Placement

The second most important element is sink and faucet placement. Installing your sink and faucet on the island instead of the perimeter of your kitchen is an innovative trend that has been on the rise. The most common location for the faucet is centered directly behind the sink. The setback distance is typically between two to four inches. Remember that the faucet connectors under the counter must clear the base of the sink.

4. A Focal Point

A great focal point can be anything from a gorgeous view out of your window or your dazzling backsplash. Other than its great practical uses, adding an island to your kitchen can highlight the overall look of your kitchen. Combine this look with the perfect Sink & Faucet and you have a breathtaking kitchen layout that everyone who visits will admire. The Farmhouse Fireclay sinks are super-stylish and they will set your kitchen apart from the rest. Due to its recent surge in popularity, the farmhouse sink has been redesigned providing homeowners with more available colors. There are also a great variety of finishes as well as materials. What makes them popular is their design and their extra capacity. Having extra width and depth these sinks provide plenty of room for large pots, pans, and other large hard-to-clean items.


Whether you use your island for functional purposes or seek to surprise visitors, you have infinite options. Do your research, take measurements, plot your ideas, and ensure you are using the room as best as possible. If you have any doubts or are simply curious about what sink or faucet to use with your island reach out to us at or give us a call at +1 (571) 291-3484 and we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. We are here for you.

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