2024 Most In-Demand Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures for Multifamily Buildings

Why do design firms spend millions trying to find the most popular colors, finishes, and materials every year?

Because standing out from other projects attracts the best buyers and highest prices. It’s worth the investment. 

But for a builder, it’s not enough to simply follow the trends. Your projects will be around for dozens of years, so they need to stay relevant as those tastes continue to change into the future.

So you need to integrate the latest trends in a way that’s also timeless and functional.

And right now, the multifamily market is changing. With rising home prices, multifamily residents aren’t just young professionals. We are seeing far more families with children, and retirees moving into multifamily homes. 

So instead of a list of current trends, this guide will show you specific things to look for in 2024 to help you create in-demand homes that appeal to top buyers.

Chapter 1: On-Trend vs. Trendy: What’s the Difference?

There’s a difference between designs that are “on-trend” and ones that are trendy.

Trendy designs and fixtures will fall out of fashion within a few years and end up looking dated. 

On the other hand…

Fixtures That Are On-Trend Can Be Timeless

It’s all about choosing fixtures that nod to some aspect of what’s current. 

For example, right now soft curves are more popular than sharp angles. 

It’s all about prioritizing three things:

  • Quality materials and manufacturing that will still be good years later.
  • Functional features that enhance the experience of living in the home.
  • Colors and designs that fit current trends, and are also versatile enough to work with future designs.

Seem like too much hassle? Wouldn’t it be easier just to stick to your usual?

Maybe, but…

The Right Fixtures For 2024 Tastes Will Improve Your Projects Profits Success

Choosing modern fixtures and designs is not just about appealing to their tastes.

They also give tenants and future buyers a sense of how old the property is.

Outdated design choices in a new building area subconscious red flag that the builder tried to cut costs or may not know what people want. Which might lead them to suspect there will be other problems they can’t see yet.

Fixtures that fit with current trends show buyers that your team built their future home with care and consideration. In short, it proves you know what you’re doing.

Plus, many 2024 interior design trends are all about functionality and improving the daily experience of living in the home.
And that’s appealing in a way that will never go out of style.

But with multifamily projects, you won’t be able to match every trend because…

Why Are Sinks So Important?

Each unit in a multifamily home needs to be neutral enough to give people a chance to customize it to their personal taste. Which can make it harder to create designs that are on-trend when you’re working on a large residential project.

Easy fix? Focus on functional fixtures like sinks and faucets. 

The sink is arguably the most heavily-used fixture in both kitchens and bathrooms. People spend a lot of time at their sinks cleaning dishes, prepping food, washing their hands, putting on makeup, brushing their teeth. It all happens at the sink.

In many floor plans, sinks make the first impression for kitchens and bathrooms.

 Think about the layout for most apartments and condos. The kitchen sink is often front and center, and one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door.

With an open floor plan, you’ll probably be able to see it from the living room and dining area, too.

The bathroom sink usually stands directly across from the door, too. So you can see it every time you pass by, and it dominates the overall feel of the room.

Get this one detail right and the whole room is more functional and better-looking.

Let’s start with what’s new in kitchen design for 2024.

Chapter 2: Must-Have Fixtures for 2024 Kitchen Designs

2024 kitchen design trends are all about enjoying the experience of being in the room.

People want kitchens that feel like an inviting living space rather than a strictly utilitarian area. So the best sinks and faucets need to look great and be enjoyable to use.

Top trends in kitchens include:

Here are our top picks for functional fixtures
that work with 2024 kitchen design trends.

2.1 Sleek Sinks That Keep Up with Heavy Use

When you’re choosing kitchen basins for a multifamily project, your specs will help you narrow down your selection. You’ll obviously need a basin that’s the right size for the space and the right price for your budget.

That still leaves thousands of potential options.

So what’s the best fit for today’s tastes?

2.1.1 Undermount Sinks - Maximum Function, Streamlined Elegance

Undermount kitchen sinks are the most functional basin design. It’s easy to sweep crumbs and debris from the countertop straight into the basin. 

It also gives you the most room inside the basin  without eating into counter space. Especially if you choose a tight radius kitchen sink in an undermount design.

Undermount sinks add a sense of luxury to the kitchen with a streamlined look. They will stand the test of time and blend with virtually any design aesthetic.


2.1.2 What about the countertops? 

Natural countertops are in. 

Quartz is dominating the market right now, with other stone options like marble and granite running a close second. Terrazzo is making a surprising comeback, although it’s nowhere near as popular as other stone options.. 

Poured concrete is still in style if you’re going for something urban or industrial. Porcelain is a relative newcomer that’s making waves as well.

What do all these countertop options have in common? All of these materials have finished edges that make them a perfect pairing with an undermount sink.

What If I Don’t Have the Budget for Stone Countertops?

If you have to stick with laminate or tile counters, choose a low-profile stainless steel drop-in sink instead. Allora USA’s KH-2522-9-S-DM dual mount sink gives you a modern style that’s compatible with laminate countertops.

Bulky materials like cast iron or porcelain have a large lip that makes the sink harder to keep clean. Consider avoiding drop-in ceramic kitchen sinks since they look a bit dated for today’s trends.

But classic stainless steel will give you a similar streamlined look without the need for more expensive counters.

2.1.3 What Size and How Many Bowls?

More people are looking for kitchens where they can work side-by-side with friends and loved ones. So how can you create a sink area that facilitates that?

  1. Go with the largest basin you can. A 27 inch kitchen sink or 30 inch kitchen sink is comfortable to use and fits most kitchens.
  2. Consider a workstation sink that can be set up with a drop-in cutting board or other accessories for added versatility in a single basin style.
  3. Add a bar sink if there’s enough room and it’s within budget.

Then there’s the age-old question of single vs. double kitchen sink

There are pros and cons to both, but single kitchen sinks look more modern and high-end. They can accommodate large cookware and lots of dishes. Plus, they’re easier to keep clean and usually less expensive than a double.

Since multifamily projects need to appeal to the most potential residents possible, a single bowl undermount sink is  generally the best option.

A split basin becomes useful if your sink is 30” or larger.

2.1.4 Why Stainless Steel Sinks Are Perfect for 2024 Kitchens

For multifamily projects, there’s no competition for a stainless steel kitchen sink.

Which is perfect since people are less interested in white sinks than in the past. 


It’s durable and low-maintenance. 

Which makes it perfect for multifamily projects that need fixtures that can keep up with heavy use without losing their looks. 

It’s also recyclable and energy efficient to produce, which will appeal to a rising number of eco-minded buyers and renters


Stainless steel has a warm undertone, which means it can blend seamlessly with today’s preferred color palettes. 

It also comes in a variety of finishes, like classic silver stainless, gunmetal, and even gold. More unique finishes cost a bit more, so they may not be right for every project.

  • Silver stainless looks great with everything from butcher block countertops to white quartz. 
  • Darker sinks and faucets work best in contrast with light countertops with cool undertones, like marble with touches of gray. 
  • Gold is a fantastic option to warm things up, and can offset dark granite or add interest to lighter stone countertops.


The fixtures also need to be easy for your build team to handle. 

Stainless steel sinks are 

  • Lightweight
  • Easier to install 
  • More cost effective than bulkier materials like ceramic or cast iron.

So it’s a great material to keep your project running on time and under budget.

Let’s put that all together. 

2.1.4 The Best Sink for Multifamily Buildings in 2024

The perfect sink for 2024 multifamily kitchen design might look like this:

  • Undermount or Low Profile Drop-In
  • Tight Radius
  • Single Bowl
  • Roomy (ideally a 27-30 inch kitchen sink, if there is space)
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Color matched to countertops 

Now that you have an idea what to look for in a basin, let’s move on to the faucet.

2.2 Faucets That Are Functional, Not Fussy

The sink may be the most noticeable fixture, but the faucet is the most heavily used. 

So how do you choose a faucet that matches your sink, and that people love using? 

2.2.1 Integrated Sprayer Faucets for Maximum Usability

These days, great kitchen designs are all about functionality. Best way to deliver? By choosing faucets with integrated spray nozzles

Spray nozzles have become almost a requirement in a faucet because of their usefulness. But side sprayers can make the sink area look cluttered. An integrated sprayer gives you all the functionality in a sleek package.

Pull-out and pull-down faucets give residents an easy way to

  • Easily reach all areas of the sink, making it easier to keep clean.
  • Fill pots and pitchers to the side of the sink if they don’t fit in the basin.
  • Swap between tasks on both sides of a double kitchen sink.
  • Rinse large cookware that’s hard to fit under the faucet.
  • Perform pet-care tasks like cleaning an aquarium or bathing a small animal.

Looking for a spray nozzle with multiple settings makes a pull-out or pull-down faucet even more useful. For example, a power-boost setting makes quick work of cooked-on food. A gentle setting lets you rinse berries without bruising them.

Need help choosing a sprayer faucet? Check out our guide to pull-out and pull-down faucets.

2.3 Trends to Skip for Multifamily Kitchen Design

With a gorgeous kitchen sink in the bag, let’s move on to the bathroom.

What 2024 bathroom design trends work best for multifamily?Like we mentioned in Chapter 1, multifamily builds need to appeal to the highest possible number of potential residents with a wide rage of tastes. So it’s best to go with fixtures that can blend in with current trends, but are versatile enough to suit each resident’s personal preferences.

On the other hand, many of this year’s top trends aren’t right for multifamily projects.

1. Bridge faucets and wall-mounted faucets. Bridge faucets create dead space and are hard to keep clean. Wall-mounted faucets make repairs difficult and are too labor-intensive for big projects. 

2. High-tech faucets. LED faucets and touchless faucets show up on many lists of in-demand features, but they’re too finicky for multi-unit buildings. Their components also tend to break down over time, and don’t have stylistic staying power.

3. Anything that can clutter the space. Pot fillers, side sprayers, and ornate decorative designs add unnecessary maintenance, upkeep, and expense. Even for high-end, luxury builds, minimalism is on-trend and usually the better choice for multi unit projects.

With a gorgeous kitchen sink in the bag, let’s move on to the bathroom.

What 2024 bathroom design trends work best for multifamily?

Chapter 3: Alluring Bathroom Fixtures for 2024

2024 bathroom design is all about creating a clean, tranquil oasis with clean lines and natural elements.

Top trends in bathrooms include:

  • Bright white vanity sinks against rich earth tones and warm colors. Green tile is especially popular right now.
  • Feature faucets with unique colors or textural elements.
  • Soft lighting that glows from behind surfaces.

Here’s how to build a vanity sink that will make your next bathroom design irresistible.

3.1 Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Just like kitchens, natural materials are in for 2024 bathroom design. 

Quartz and terrazzo are especially popular for bathroom countertops this year.

Since these materials lend themselves to finished edges, it’s a perfect time to go with undermount bathroom sinks. Undermount vanity sinks add a luxurious, high-end feel to any bathroom design.

With no lip hanging over the countertop, undermount sinks make it much easier to keep the bathroom counter clean. Spilled powders, stray hairs, and other debris can be swept straight into the sink and rinsed away.

Undermount vanity sinks also make the best use of available space. They give you the most room inside the basin without taking up extra counter space.

Now that you have the perfect basin, you just need the right faucet to go with it.

3.2 Modern Faucets with Streamlined Designs

You can create a sense of flow throughout the home by choosing bathroom faucets that mirror what you chose for the kitchen.

Fortunately, 2024 bathroom design trends follow right along with what’s hot in kitchen sinks.

People are looking for matte, satin, and brushed finishes that create a softer vibe than high-shine finishes.

Black faucets are also very popular, and really stand out against a white quartz countertop. 

Of course, durability is still king for multifamily projects. Classic chrome is always a great option that never goes out of style.

Look for modern, minimalist designs with clean lines and easy single-handle controls.

3.3 Frame It in a Floating Vanity

Vanity sinks are all about lightness this year. Light colors for the countertop, light to medium tone wood grain for the cabinets, and bright, clean colors for the basin.

To really set this off, opt for a floating vanity. Floating vanities eliminate dead space under the cabinet and add extra storage for items like baskets or a bathroom scale.

You can add to the airy feel around the vanity with a backlit mirror. Lighting tucked behind the mirror adds a luxurious, spa-like glow prospective residents will love.

Sconces and dimmable ceiling lights also work to create the kind of soothing ambiance people crave in today’s high-stress world.

Chapter 4: Accessible Homes: A Popular Move in 2024

As you already know, multifamily projects need to include a few units with ADA kitchens and ADA bathrooms.

But accessible design is much more beneficial to your business than just complying with regulations.

More and more, people are looking for accessible design features in their homes. 

More people are looking to downsize into condos or apartments later in life. With an aging population that means demand for accessible multifamily home design is increasing.

Fortunately, many current trends in kitchen and bathroom design include features and fixtures that look great and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

4.1 Minimalism Is In, Which Is Great for Accessible Faucets

The best faucets for ADA kitchens and bathrooms have single, lever-style controls. Which is perfect for creating stylish bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Compact, single-handle faucets appeal to people because:

  • They’re compact and don’t waste counterspace.
  • They’re easy to use.
  • They’re easy to keep clean.

Single-handle faucets are also safer for families with small children. If a sink has a faucet with separate controls for hot and cold water, kids run the risk of just running the hot water and getting burned. That’s a lot less likely to happen with a single handle.

Those high-contrast black faucets people want are also great for ADA kitchen and bathroom sinks. They’re easy to see, so they’re easier to use for people with visual impairments.

4.2 Doorless Showers: A Luxurious and Accessible Trend

In general, multifamily homes need at least one bathroom with a tub. People with kids and pets need them. A tub also comes in handy for lots of home maintenance tasks and even emergency preparedness.

But if your floor plan has a master bath, or if you’re creating your ADA units, doorless showers are in this year.

Doorless, curbless showers have lots of advantages:

  • Maximize space in smaller bathrooms.
  • Create a high-end spa-like vibe.
  • Easy to get in and out for people who use wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility aids.
  • Easier to keep clean: sloped floor prevents water pooling in the corners of the shower.

To make this design work well for daily use, a glass partition will minimize splashing. ADA bathrooms need textured non-slip flooring, which is perfect for this type of shower.

4.3 Modular Storage: Modern Solution for a Versatile Kitchen

One issue that makes some builders hesitant to embrace ADA kitchen sink design is that not everyone needs an accessible sink. So won’t that turn some potential residents off?

It’s definitely possible.

Many designers choose to install a standard kitchen sink and purchase an ADA basin for the property manager to keep on hand. That way, if a disabled resident needs the unit, the sink can easily be swapped out with the “sister” ADA version of the standard sink.

Allora USA makes this an easy process, since we offer identical models in standard and ADA configurations. So they’ll have the same bowl dimensions, just with different depths.

This strategy gives the property a flexible solution to make an accessible kitchen available when needed. 

You can even add adaptable features like modular storage that tucks under your ADA kitchen sink. Just be sure the finished floor extends all the way to the wall and the storage unit can be easily moved without using tools.

4.4 Floating Vanities Are Stylish and ADA Compliant

ADA bathroom sinks need clear space under the basin for a person’s legs when they pull up to the sink in a wheelchair. 

Some projects regulated by the FHA permit a side approach to the sink in the bathroom instead of the front approach. However, it's essential to thoroughly review the regulations to ensure compliance before assuming that this alternative layout will meet requirements. 

As we already saw, floating vanities are in, which is perfect for ADA bathrooms.

A floating vanity is an elegant solution to keep pipes, supply lines, or fasteners covered to prevent scrapes and burns. (Which is also required for ADA bathroom sinks.)

Of course, a standard floating vanity that comes straight down from the countertop edge won’t leave the kneespace clear. So you’ll need a floating vanity that’s designed specifically for ADA bathrooms.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about creating in-demand kitchen and bathroom sinks.

There’s just one more thing to nail down. Where can you get everything you need in one place, within budget, and on time?

Chapter 5: The Right Wholesaler Makes It Easy to Keep Up

Keeping up with constantly-evolving tastes takes a little extra effort.

What shouldn’t take extra effort is working with your wholesaler to find the perfect fixtures for every project.

Now that you have an idea of how to choose sinks and faucets that work with 2024 interior design trends, the next step is to find the right models. 

That’s where Allora USA can help!

We specialize in professional support for builders, designers, and purchasing managers for multifamily projects. We’ve got options to suit every budget and design.

We also understand that a great-looking faucet that’s within budget does you no good if it’s not available. That’s why we have guaranteed stock, so you know you can get what you need on time without worrying about supply chain issues.

To make things even easier, our designs come in standard and ADA options, which means you can get everything you need for your entire build in one place. You’ll get consistent quality and compatible fixtures for every unit in your project.

Buying ADA fixtures from a reputable manufacturer means you know you’re getting products that meet regulatory and quality standards.

Plus we offer:

  • Discounts for commercial projects.
  • Guaranteed pricing.
  • Product warranties.
  • Fast customer support
  • Free shipping to most areas in the US.
  • Delivery within 5 days or less anywhere in the US.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.

So, ready to get started?

You can filter through the amazing variety of faucet and basin options on our website, and hone your search with specifics like what finish or style you’re looking for. Or look through our catalog for a full list of options and alternatives.

Or, send us your specs and we’ll put together a list of options that will fit your project. We can set you up for ongoing care for all your builds, so you can stay on-trend without wasting hours searching for what you need!

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