Choosing The Right Bathroom Sink Shape for Different Multifamily Properties

How much does the bathroom sink shape matter in multifamily projects?

The sink is the first thing buyers see when they walk into a bathroom. Sometimes you can even see the sink from the hallway. 

The right sink shape gives the bathroom instant beauty and makes it easy for potential buyers to use. 

And so, choosing a shape may not be the most important thing you have to do, but it does matter.

So, let’s narrow down the best sink shape for each kind of multifamily property, so you can confidently charge premium prices.

Rectangular Sinks Are Great For Modern Bathrooms with Lots of Space

Rectangular sinks are sinks shaped in a long rectangle with square corners.

Their clean lines and streamlined design are in high demand for bathroom designs in 2024.


  • Modern, sleek look that appeals to current tastes.
  • Because they tend to be wider, rectangular sinks can be a good way to add counter space behind the basin.
  • Easier to install; cutting straight lines may be easier than prepping counters for a rounded basin in some cases.


  • Not suitable for bathrooms with limited space.
  • Not as deep as other designs, and splashing may occur if the faucet is too high or not lined up over the drain.
  • Sharp corners and straight lines don’t pair well with all bathroom aesthetics. 

Perfect Fit For: 

  • Large bathrooms with plenty of space to fill.
  • Modern, minimalist, industrial, and transitional bathroom designs.
  • Upscale residential projects including multifamily buildings for middle-income residents or young professionals.

Rectangular Vs Square Sinks: What’s Better?

What about square sinks? 

Residents usually prefer rectangular sinks because they’re wide enough to keep water from splashing outside the basin and making a mess. 

So, we recommend sticking to a wider rectangular sink in almost all cases. 

Square sinks are ideal for very small bathrooms that don’t have space for a rectangular basin. They might also be a good choice for a small powder room that won’t see heavy use.

Oval Sinks Are Great Mid Market Apartments

Oval sinks have rounded sides without corners. They’re usually deeper than rectangular sinks and have a more traditional look.


  • Simple design works great with pretty much any countertop.
  • Better for small bathrooms that need a space-saving sink. 
  • Deeper basin reduces splashes and improves drainage. 
  • Easier to clean (no corners to trap debris). 
  • Leaves more usable counter space that would be taken up by the corners on a rectangular sink.
  • Often costs less than rectangular sinks.


  • Might seem outdated unless you pair it with modern fixtures like a sleek faucet.
  • Space saving design can look undersized in very large bathrooms.

Perfect Fit For: 

  • Small bathrooms in single-family homes and mid-market apartments.
  • Vintage, traditional, and rustic bathroom designs.
  • Bathrooms where maximizing space is a priority. 
  • Builds with a very tight budget, or where you want to spend more on another fixture like the bathroom faucet.

Oval vs. Round Sinks: What’s Better?

Oval ceramic sinks have been the go-to classic for decades. 

However, circular sinks have become more popular in recent years. Like a square sink, the biggest advantage of a round sink is that it takes up less space. 

The downside is that they’re not as comfortable to use. 

Oval sinks work well in family bathrooms or master suites where comfort and usability are important, and there’s enough room for an extended countertop.

Round sinks are better suited for smaller bathrooms or minimalist designs where space saving is your priority.

Undermount Sinks for Bathrooms: The Best Option for Any Basin Shape

Whatever shape you choose, undermount bathroom sinks are almost always the way to go. 


  • Sleek, high end looks perfect for modern bathrooms.
  • Save space and fit snugly in small bathrooms.
  • Easier to clean and maintain because there’s no lip to catch debris.


  • Needs a countertop with a finished edge, which won't be right for every project's budget.
  • More complex installation increases labor costs.
  • Limited to solid and moisture-resistant countertop materials to support the sink’s weight and prevent water damage.

Streamline Your Search for the Right Sink Shape

Choosing the right shape is just the beginning. Superior manufacturing is what truly makes any bathroom fixture stand out.

Buying faucets and sinks from the same manufacturer is an easy way to ensure they will be compatible. You might also save a lot with bulk buying and shipping discounts, which means you can give your residents high-end fixtures without blowing your budget.

Allora USA makes getting premium-quality bathroom sinks and faucets easy with precision manufacturing and the highest-quality materials. 

Our mission is to ensure that every product consistently exceeds industry standards, ensuring that each product offers long-lasting beauty and reliability in your design.

We also offer:

  • Discounts for commercial projects.
  • Guaranteed pricing and stock
  • Product warranties.
  • Fast customer support, including unlimited phone and email support
  • Free shipping to most areas in the US within 5 days or less

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