The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Faucets for Multifamily Buildings

The perfect faucet can net you huge returns whether you’re designing kitchens for new builds, or upgrading your usual style for 2024.

This guide will show you how to find the perfect balance between:

  • Price that fits your budget and extra features that add value.
  • Neutrals with broad appeal and eye-catching designs.
  • Designs that are easy to source and install while adding functionality.

Let’s dive in!

01. How the Right Faucet Can Grow Project Profits

If the kitchen is the cornerstone of a great home, then the sink area is the crown jewel of a gorgeous kitchen.

The kitchen sink is often the first thing you see when you walk in the room. In many apartments and condos, it could be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. 

And in open-concept designs, it affects the looks of the living room and the common areas’ look, too.

So getting it right makes a big difference for how appealing your project will be to prospective residents.

After picking the right basin, the kitchen faucet is an essential part of creating a kitchen that will make your project a success.

3 Ways a Kitchen Faucet Can Help Your Multi-Unit Build Succeed

1. Improve Sales Price by Appealing to the Right Residents.

Potential buyers are willing to pay more if they feel a place can be their forever home. So it pays to make a great first impression.

A gorgeous kitchen with high-end appeal has some of the best return potential of any area in an apartment, condo, or townhouse. 

Upgrading the sink area is a cost effective way to create a luxurious kitchen space. So the faucet is a dependable investment for builders that gets great returns.

Once you hook the right residents, an enjoyable kitchen will keep them happy so they want to hang onto their unit as long as possible.

2. Improve Long-Term Profits Through Resident Satisfaction and Retention.

The more functional and comfortable the kitchen, the longer residents will stay in the home. 

That means steady and consistent income from your projects year over year. And an improved company reputation, which leads to more returns later. 

Can a faucet really make that much of a difference in how satisfied residents are in their home? Absolutely!

The wrong faucet can make daily tasks frustrating and messy. A spout at the wrong height can mean it’s impossible to put large cookware or tall pitchers in the sink. Or it can lead to splashing that makes washing up a mess.

But the right faucet makes it easier to do everything from prepping food to cleaning up after a meal. And that means residents can enjoy their day-to-day life and meal times with their loved ones.

Choosing a well-made faucet that’s easy to install the right way also minimizes maintenance calls, making everyone’s lives easier.

The happier residents are in the homes you built, the better your reviews and reputation will be.

It’s not just about the buyers and residents though. It’s also about making things easier on your team.

3. Save Costs with a Faucet That’s Easier to Install.

No faucet is perfect for a multifamily builder unless it’s also easy to source and easy to install.

That means it’s not the right faucet unless it comes from the right supplier.  

Picking the right brand from a quality supplier will help you avoid delays from supply chain issues. A wholesaler that offers bulk discounts and fast delivery will ensure your team has everything they need, when they need it.

Faucets that are fast and easy to install will help your team to keep things moving on deadline, without wasting your labor budget.

So you'll be able to maximize your profits while delivering stellar results.

You can see how important it is to pick the right faucet for every multifamily project. Next, let’s go over a quick checklist of how to be sure you’re getting the perfect fit every time.

02. Essential Faucet Checklist: What to Look for in a Kitchen Faucet

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, here’s a quick overview of the key points we’ll cover.

You can come back to this section for a quick checklist of essential questions as you search for faucets for upcoming multi-unit builds.

Now you have an idea what kinds of questions you’ll need to answer as you search for faucets. 

Let’s look at recommendations for what designs work best for multifamily projects.

03. Compatible Faucets for Every Family

You already know you need a faucet that’s compatible with your sink. That’s why it’s always a good idea to buy both from the same supplier. 

The type of kitchen faucet you decide on will also have a big impact on how easy installation will be, and how expensive it is. 

So getting this part right can land you in the right price range, with a compatible faucet that has controls that will suit your residents’ needs.

3.1 Residents Love Single-Lever Faucets

Single hole kitchen faucets also have streamlined controls that work best for most homeowners.

A single, lever-style handle is the safest, most functional option for faucet controls.

Double handle faucets can be dangerous for families with children. Small kids might turn on only the hot water and burn themselves. For homes that will have children, faucets with anti-scald controls are a nice option that adds a layer of protection.

Elderly family members may have trouble gripping or twisting knobs.

Single lever controls can be used with a wrist or forearm, making them more hygienic when you’re cooking and might have grease or food on your hands.

So a single-hole faucet with a lever handle that’s easy to lift and lower is best for everyone in the family.

3.2 Single-Hole Faucets Are Easiest to Install

Finding the perfect kitchen faucet for your multifamily build starts with your basin.

If you’re using a top mount kitchen sink, the basin will dictate how many holes are available to mount your faucet. If your basin only has one hole, then you can’t use a wide set three- or four-hole kitchen faucet.

On the other hand, you can install a more compact faucet and cover any excess holes with a deck plate.

So single-hole kitchen faucets are the best choice because they’re the most versatile. You can use them with any basin. 

A single hole faucet also makes your install as fast and easy as possible. They tend to be more budget-friendly than other designs, and there are tons of options to suit every aesthetic.

So for multifamily builds where you need a faucet that will work with lots of different homes, you’ll need something that will fit every unit. That way you can order the same model for the whole project and streamline your buying process and installation.

3.3 Single Levers Are the Best Way to Meet ADA Guidelines

Multifamily homes usually need at least a few ADA units that are accessible for residents with disabilities. This affects kitchen and bathroom design more than any other areas of the home.

ADA kitchen sinks need faucets to match, and most single hole designs fit the bill.

Controls on ADA kitchen faucets should hit three main requirements:

  1. User can turn it on and off with less than 5 lbs of pressure.
  2. User can activate it with one hand without pinching, grasping, or twisting.
  3. Accessible from a seated position.

A single, lever style control fits the bill. A good rule of thumb is that if a resident can turn it on and off with the back of their wrist, one-handed and blindfolded, you’re looking at the right kind of faucet.

3.4 What’s the Best Kitchen Sink Faucet for Multifamily Projects?

Let’s put all that together.

The best faucet for a multi-unit project is easy to use, easy to install, and versatile enough to fit standard and ADA kitchen sinks. 

So the best design for these builds have:

  • Single hole design
  • Single lever control
  • Accessible design that’s easy to use for people with disabilities

For example, Allora USA’s model A-710 is a single-hole, single-lever faucet with a pull-down sprayer and a classic look

Model A-200 in stainless steel is ideal for multifamily builds because it has a sleek design that will blend in with each resident’s unique tastes.

We’ve narrowed down what configurations work best for multifamily builds. Next let’s look at spout height and how it affects the look and function of your faucet.

04. Kitchen Sink Faucets Suitable for the Space

Some multifamily projects have several different floor plans with different sized kitchens. That means some units may have limited counter space, where others have room to spare.

Space-saving faucets will give you more flexibility to use the same fixture in every unit of your multifamily build. They’ll function well in tight spaces. 

You can get even more functionality by choosing a single-hole faucet that has an integrated pull-out or pull-down sprayer.

4.1 Vertical Space - Straight Spout vs. Gooseneck Kitchen Faucets

Other countertop spacing, you’ll need to consider how the faucet will work for the vertical space as well.

There are two main types of spout heights to consider: straight spouts or goosenecks.

4.1.1 When to Choose a Straight Spout Faucet

A straight spout reduces the use of vertical space.

This is a great design if there is anything obstructing the space over the sink, such as a windowsill, cabinet, or the edge of an elevated bar.

Straight spout faucets can come with pull-out sprayers, which often have a longer hose than other sprayers. 

This is a great option if your kitchen needs a small basin. With a pull-out sprayer, users can set large pots to the side of the sink and use the attachment to fill them.

4.2 When Gooseneck Is the Way to Go

Goosenecks are tall faucets that usually have a dramatic U-shaped curve at the top. 

These faucets make great use of vertical space, so they help create a balanced look in kitchens with lots of open space.

For example, if your floor plan has the kitchen sink on a peninsula or other open space, a gooseneck can make an eye-catching detail.

Gooseneck faucets leave plenty of room to put large pots and tall pitchers in the sink. They can come with a pull-down sprayer attachment, which is great for large or deep basins.

With a solid sense of what faucet design you’re looking for, it’s time to consider added features. Which ones will take your kitchen to the next level and which aren’t worth the money?

05. Appealing Features for Maximum Function and Value

There are a couple of considerations that can make the difference between a so-so kitchen faucet and something residents will love.

Let’s take a close look at some of the best added features to look for in a kitchen faucet for multifamily projects.

5.1 Rotating Spout

If your design includes a double kitchen sink with a split basin, a rotating spout is non-negotiable.

A spout that pivots to line up over either basin is essential for making both sides of the sink usable. Although it’s not strictly necessary for single kitchen sinks, a rotating spout is still helpful because the user can easily move it out of the way when needed.

5.2 Sprayers

A spray nozzle is the number one added feature to improve a faucet’s functionality. As mentioned above, integrated pull-out or pull-down sprayers give you the most function without taking up extra space. 

Of course, that added functionality might come with a slightly higher cost per unit. So keep that in mind when budgeting for your build.

5.3 Adjustable Pressure Settings

Another great feature that’s helpful is a spout with adjustable pressure settings.

For example, a faucet may have a gentle setting that’s great for washing berries and a boost option to dislodge stuck-on debris from cookware.

Many sprayers come with adjustable settings. This is an appealing feature that makes the kitchen sink much more versatile and enjoyable to use. If you have room in the budget, of course.

5.4 Features That Aren’t Worth the Money

For multifamily builds, there are some bells and whistles that don’t bring enough value to your project to be worth the added cost.

5.4.1 Touchless Faucets

Touchless and touch-activated faucets are appealing for many builds, especially commercial properties. They’re easy to use–great for people with disabilities–and more hygienic than standard faucets.

However, they cost too much and take too much upkeep to be useful for most multifamily builds. The added complication of installing them with a power source can also add to the cost and slow things down.

Some of the complex components also tend to break down and malfunction over time, making them a maintenance headache for property managers.

5.4.2 Pot Fillers

Pot fillers are accessory spouts that can be installed near the stove or in another area of the kitchen. Because they need to be plumbed in and are usually wall-mounted, they add a lot to your labor costs and can become maintenance problems down the road.

These are great for high-end kitchen designs for custom builds, but won’t get enough ROI on most multifamily builds to be worth it.

5.4.3 Faucet Designs That Create Dead Space

Some faucet designs take up unnecessary space 

  • Wall mounted faucets not only create dead space. They also make repairs and maintenance more difficult and costly because it’s harder to access the supply line attachments.
  • Bridge faucets tend to be expensive, create dead space on the counter top, and can be hard to keep clean. 

We’ve nailed down the best design for your build that will deliver great looks and function while making your install as affordable and efficient as possible.

But there’s one more decision to make.

6. Materials and Details for Lasting Beauty

What finishes are best for kitchen faucets for multifamily homes? 

What will look amazing and stand up to heavy use over time?

6.1 Beautiful Neutrals

For most multifamily projects, neutral is the way to go. After all, you want residents to be able to personalize their home to their unique tastes.

There are several neutral kitchen faucet materials that look great and last a long time. 

Best choices for kitchen faucet materials for multifamily homes are:

6.2 Eye-Catching Colors

Some designs call for unique details like fixtures with eye-catching colors.

Traditional finishes like brushed nickel, chrome and stainless steel are easy to find and are usually easy to match to other fixtures and hardware. However, recent trends incorporate black and gold finishes more, and sometimes even a combination of both. 

Black can be a gorgeous high-contrast choice. Not only will it add a unique touch to the look of the kitchen. It also makes the faucet easier to see for residents with visual impairments, which can be an advantage in your ADA kitchen designs.

Gold is another color option that adds a lot of interest. It’s fairly neutral, but adds warmth to the color palette, which can elevate the look of a kitchen. Especially if you pair it with the right cabinet colors and hardware.

6.3 Details to Match Your Design

Other than the finish you choose, you can also look for faucets with lines that complement your design.

07. Finding the Right Supplier for Multifamily Projects

Hopefully this guide has given you a solid sense of what type of kitchen faucet will give you the best value for your next multi unit project.

The next step is to find a kitchen sink wholesaler that has a wide variety of designs in the highest quality materials. That’s where Allora USA can help!

You can easily filter through all the faucet options to find the right faucet on our site. Or look through our catalog for a full list of options and alternatives.

Still not sure what your perfect kitchen faucet looks like? Send us your specs and we’ll put together a list of options that will fit your project. With dedicated professional support, we can set you up for ongoing care for all your builds.

We’ve got designs to suit every budget and design aesthetic.

Buying fixtures for both standard and ADA kitchens from the same supplier will save you tons of time while ensuring everything works well together. You’ll get consistent quality across all units in your project.

Just as importantly, buying ADA fixtures from a reputable manufacturer means you know you’re getting products that meet regulatory and quality standards.

Plus we offer:

  • Discounts for commercial projects.
  • Guaranteed stock.
  • Product warranties.
  • Fast customer support
  • Guaranteed pricing.
  • Free shipping to most areas in the US.
  • Delivery within 5 days or less anywhere in the US.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.

We hope this guide will help you save time finding the right faucets for your next project. We look forward to connecting you with sinks and faucets that will take your design to the next level!


Traditional styles have decorative flourishes that often add unique features to the faucet. 

This is better if you are going for traditional, maximalist, contemporary, and country kitchen styles.


Transitional styles blend aspects of traditional and modern styles.

This is a great option if you need maximum versatility that will work with a wide range of design aesthetics.


Modern styles have sleek lines and a clean, minimalist appearance. 

This is great if you are going for industrial, modern, retro, and Scandinavian styles.


Commercial style faucets are great for very high budget, luxury builds. 

These are a good choice for rustic designs and farmhouse basins styles, or if you have a client who wants a professional-grade kitchen.

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