What to Look for in a Retrofit Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

What to Look for in a Retrofit Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
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How to get the style and function of an farmhouse kitchen sink without spending hundreds on retrofitting or custom cabinets.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks create a stylish centerpoint in any kitchen.

They can work with most kitchen designs, but look especially great in rustic styled kitchens. They can also add elegance to industrial, minimal and retro looks.

The only trouble is, most farmhouse sinks need customized cabinets, which can increase the cost of the project.

That’s where Allora USA’s retrofit farmhouse sinks come in.

Why Do Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks Need Custom Cabinets?

Most farmhouse sinks feature a setup where the front apron and sides of the sink are connected, with both sides extending all the way to the front edge of the apron.

That means, the cabinets need to be built or modified to accommodate the specialized sink. In most cases, you have 2 options:

  • Either purchase a custom sink base to accommodate your basin - which can be expensive
  • Or you can cut a standard cabinet to make room for the sink - which is expensive, takes time, and may not look all that great in the end. It's often risky, as a mistake while cutting can ruin the cabinet. Plus you’ll need to spend more on finishing the corners and adding extra supports.

So custom cabinets aren’t within budget, and you don’t want to waste the time and effort adjusting existing cabinetry (if that’s even possible).

Is a farmhouse sink still an option? Maybe!

What Is a Retrofit Farmhouse Sink?

Unlike a normal farmhouse or apron front sink, a retrofit farmhouse sink can fit over standard cabinets.

This design has a slot behind the apron where the false drawers on a standard base cabinet can slide into place.

That means you won’t need to cut and rebuild your cabinets or order a custom base for your sink.

It also means you get the functionality and style of a farmhouse sink without dropping a ton of extra money on materials or labor.

Choosing a Retrofit Farmhouse Sink That Fits

The first step is choosing the right size sink for the cabinets you picked for your build.

  • For undermount models, there should be about 1 inch of space between the sink's left and right edges the inner sides of the the cabinet.
  • For drop-in models, the basin needs to fit into the countertop with about ½ to ¾ of an inch on either side for the lip of the sink to rest.
  • Dual mount designs can function as either an undermount or drop-in basin. Evaluating the size of a dual mount sink depends on how you’re planning to mount it. If installing as an undermount sink, check the measurements you would for a standard undermount sink, and check the same dimensions as a normal drop-in sink if you plan on setting it up as a top mount.


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Not sure which model is right for your project? 

Just send us your specs and we’ll help you choose the right model, get installation support, and even trade discounts for bulk orders.

We can also help you choose a great faucet that will go go with your sink!

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