Top Mount or Undermount Kitchen Sink - Difference?

Top Mount or Undermount Kitchen Sink - Difference?
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Are you currently in search of a kitchen sink? And are you confused about which is better - a top mount or an undermount kitchen sink?

If yes, this guide will help you!

Choosing a kitchen sink can be difficult due to the many factors to consider. Sometimes, the more you research online, the more overwhelmed you become as you discover options you didn't even know existed. To simplify the decision-making process, we will discuss the difference between an undermount kitchen sink and a top mount sink and their benefits.

So, let's dive in!!

What is an undermount kitchen sink?

An undermount sink is designed to fit seamlessly with the countertop and is supported by brackets underneath. To ensure a proper fit, the countertop must be precisely cut and made of a solid material rather than laminate. This is because water can seep into the laminate layers where the sink meets the countertop.

Importance of undermount kitchen sink

1. It is easier to clean.

Cleaning an undermount sink is much easier than a traditional sink with a rim, as there is no obstruction between the countertop and the sink. Simply wipe away any food crumbs that may have fallen into the sink.

However, it's important to note that debris can accumulate at the mounting point just below the counter. To avoid this, we recommend you replace the caulk every three years.

2. It is often handmade.

The undermount sink is commonly handmade with thicker steel, providing additional durability and a longer lifespan.

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3. It is more expensive than a top mount sink.

Undermount sink is more expensive than top mount sink because of the higher labor costs associated with the former. Additionally, the sink is often handmade and tends to be more costly.

4. It is harder to install than a top mount sink.

Undermount sinks require additional support due to their weight, as they do not have any support above the counter. They also require solid countertops that are less prone to water damage, making their installation more challenging than other sink options.

Difference Between Top Mount or Undermount Sink

What is a top mount kitchen sink?

A top mount sink is also known as a overmount sink. This sink has a lip above and covers a small area of the benchtop. T his type of sink does not go deep into the cabinet, so there is still space for storage underneath. Moreover, the installation process is simple and requires no specialized knowledge.

Importance of top mount sink

1. It is simpler to install.

When it comes to installing a top mount kitchen sink, the process is simple and efficient. The installation team only needs to cut a hole in your countertop that perfectly fits the sink and then place the sink in. This makes the installation quick and easy, saving you money on project expenses.

2. It is available at affordable prices.

You can find many affordable top mount sinks on the market, so there's no need to overspend when adding one to your home.

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3. It is easier to replace.

Simply put, replacing a top mount sink in a kitchen is a relatively easy task if you ever need to change it.

People may want to change their sink for various reasons, such as switching from a single bowl to a double bowl or from a granite sink to a stainless steel one. All you need to do is ensure the replacement sink fits a hole larger than the current one.

4. It comes in a variety of styles and designs.

Well, the top mount kitchen sinks are available in different styles and designs, so people can purchase them as per their preference.

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So, who's the ultimate winner - a top mount or undermount kitchen sink? Well, there is no specific answer. The decision should be based on personal preferences and budget. So what are you thinking about? Visit the Allora USA website and shop for the best kitchen sinks today!!

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