5 Advantages of Having a Sink Grid

5 Advantages of Having a Sink Grid
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Have you ever considered a way to save your sink from possible damages? Sink grids are racks that fit inside the basin of your sink to help protect your sink from any possible scratches or damage. These are some advantages of owning a sink grid: 

1) It Protects the Bottom of Your Sink

Majority of sink materials are durable and long lasting but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Yes, there is a possibility that your stainless steel sink may scratch and that your fireclay sink may chip! A sink grid helps protect against those possible issues by keeping your utensils, pots, and pans off the bottom of your sink.

AlloraUSA sink grids are fitted with grid feet and grid bumpers that provide extra protection to keep the grid from rubbing against the sink.


2) Easy to Clean

Stainless steel grids are easy to clean. All you need to do is to pop off the grid feet and protectors, use soap and water to wash the grid, and wipe it dry. AlloraUSA sells Barkeeper’s Friend for regular cleaning and maintenance of your sink and sink grid.  We do not recommend using an abrasive cleaner, it can scratch the grid. 


3) Easy Drainage

Sometime’s the dishes in our sinks can stack up quickly making it hard for water to drain. Sink grids raise your dishes off the bottom of the sink allowing for better water flow to the drain. With a sink grid, you won’t have to worry about the dirty dishes clogging the drain and creating standing water.


4) Doubles as a Dish Rack

If your dishwasher is full and you have a few dishes left in the sink, no worries, the sink grid ridges help dishes stay propped up to allow for drying. The gap between the grid and sink bottom allow for dishes to drip dry whilst also providing better air circulation to the bottom of the dishes.

5) Easy to Way to Clean your Veggies & Fruit

Sink grids provide a great, clean surface to rinse your fruit and vegetables. The grids protect your produce from the bottom of your sink keeping your veggies clean and edible!   Sink grids prevent wear and tear on your sink which contributes to a longer lasting sink. With all the advantages listed in this article, you can see why AlloraUSA not only recommends but also sells sink grids.  At Allora USA, you’ll find a wide range of sinks and compatible accessories. We regularly update our stock with the latest designs to complement your modern kitchen. We promise you not only the best prices on the entire market but also fast delivery right at your doorstep.  *AlloraUSA grids are compatible ONLY with AlloraUSA sinks.

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