Our Mission

AT Allora USA, our mission is to provide Builders, Architects, Contractors & Developers with authentic quality, style, and value. As a family enterprise since 2009, we prioritize meeting our clients unique needs, earning trust through product reliability and customer satisfaction. We proudly serve multi-residential properties. the hospitality sector, and turnkey contractors with a diverse range of dependable kitchen and bath products, featuring cutting-edge faucets and sanitary solutions crafted to perfection.

1986-2006 Emigration to U.S & Humble Beginnings

Hamdi, with just an elementary school education, self-taught mechanical skills and landed jobs in Turkish factories. His talent led to global troubleshooting. He married Berrah, and they had three children: Yukie, Mustafa, and Deniz. In the U.S, Hamdi worked as a plumber, while Berrah started a home daycare business. Yukie and Mustafa worked and attended junior high school to help the family financially.

2007-2009 Chasing the Opportunity

The family still relies on credit cards for expenses. Hamdi's boss offers him an opportunity to find a better supplier for sinks and faucets. Hamdi involves Yukie at a granite fabricator to learn the industry. Mustafa, with strong English skills, makes late-night calls to suppliers for Hamdi due to time zone differences. They combine resources to order the required samples.

2009 Allora USA Is Born

After discarding more than 100 unsuccessful product samples, Hamdi and Mustafa identify a suitable supplier, which they rebrand as Allora USA. Yukie quits her job to join Allora, where she becomes responsible for delivering and selling sinks from a Sprinter Van.

2010-2012 Growing Pains

Mustafa completes his high school education, prompting his mom to close her childcare business. The entire family becomes dedicated full-time workers at Allora. Hamdi and Mustafa journey to China to tackle manufacturing issues and investigate scaling opportunities. They transform their living room into a makeshift warehouse. Over time, they place their first order for a shipping container of products and rent a storage unit.

2013 The Warehouse

Hamdi identifies an opportunity: faucet manufacturers were reluctant to offer warranties. Mustafa and Hamdi return to China to enhance CNC operations and faucet assembly, addressing repair issues. They introduce direct warranties, leading to increased sales and enabling them to lease a warehouse. Berrah initiates a new tradition of daily breakfast and lunch meetings.


During the pandemic in China Hamdi took a bold move, depleting our family and company accounts to order 30 shipping containers with over 50,000 sink units. This gamble paid off as competitors faced long shipping delays. Allora USA's efficient operations meant that we could ship within a week. We celebrated our 10th anniversary.

2021 The Next Generation

After years of dedicated effort, Hamdi and Berrah have chosen to transition into a more relaxed "retirement mode" and entrust the family business to their children. Yukie assumes the position of CEO, while Mustafa steps into the role of COO, responsible for overseeing operations. In April 2022, Forbes Advisor recognized Allora USA as the 6th top company in the country for sinks.

Delivering Authentic Quality, Style, and Value to Professionals

We are committed to providing authentic quality, style, and value to Builders, Architects, Contractors, and Developers, catering to all their requirements.

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Inspiration & Design

At Allora USA, we recognize that diverse lifestyle require a range of faucets, fixtures, finishes, styles and innovations. That's why we provide an assortment of finishes, styles, and innovations.

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What Contractors, Builders, Architects & Designers Love About Allora USA

4.8 average from 500+ customer reviews

  • Gabe T. | CEO of Fabricator

    Allora's stock has never been an issue for over 6 years, even during the pandemic. The quality of the sinks has been really good. The buying process is smooth, and their team provides expert advice throughout. Exceptional service all around!

  • Dara B. | Architect at a Builder

    Allora's sinks and faucets are of excellent quality, and their team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Highly recommend for any business looking for reliable and stylish sink solutions.

  • Lamonte R. | Purchasing Manager at a Builder

    Allora has been our trusted partner for all our sink and faucet needs. Their product range is impressive, and their attention to detail is commendable. We appreciate their competitive pricing and willingness to work within our business's budget.

  • Dean A. | CEO of Fabricator

    We have been doing with Allora for over 5 years. Only one call away from excellent service. One of the biggest advantage with working with Allora is the vast options of sinks they offer. They have the same sink in different depths.