Strengthening Access for Diverse Needs

Allora USA offers an extensive lineup of products designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Our meticulously crafted items strictly adhere to every aspect of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, aiding compliance efforts for multi-residential properties and the hospitality sector. By integrating our accessible solutions, these establishments can seamlessly meet federal mandates, guaranteeing that their facilities are both inclusive and inviting to individuals of all abilities. With our range of ADA-compliant offerings, creating welcoming environments that cater to everyone becomes a straightforward endeavor for property owners and managers alike.

A man in a wheelchair is utilizing an ADA-compliant kitchen faucet and sink.

Greater Accessibility By Design

Adhering to ADA requirements doesn't have to compromise style or design. Allora USA presents ADA-compliant versions of our top kitchen sink models. Explore various options, from timeless standard radius to contemporary radius 15 corners, and realize your vision without compromise.

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A bathroom sink and a two-handle faucet are mounted on elegant marble.

Maximum Independence. Maximum Maneuverability.

We all value bathrooms that are spacious, well-organized, secure, and thoughtfully designed. Our bathroom sinks, meticulously crafted to meet ADA standards, offer versatility for people of various ages and abilities, catering to a wide range of users.

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French bread sitting right next to a beautiful faucet which mounted on a stainless steel sink in a kitchen

Complete the Look

Elevate your theme's aesthetic with ADA-compliant kitchen faucets. Browse through our diverse collection of faucets, designed to both impress and streamline your kitchen duties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the ADA say about sinks?

The ADA outlines specific requirements for sinks to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The following applies to both kitchen and bathroom sinks:

  • Your sink must be mounted no higher than 34 inches off the floor
  • There must be 27 x 30 inches of knee clearance below the sink
  • There must be 11-25 inches of knee depth below the sink
  • The floor space below the sink must be clear and unobstructed
  • The pipes under the sink must be insulated

2. Why are ADA guidelines important?

ADA guidelines are crucial as they ensure that sinks adhere to ADA requirements, making them ADA compliant for accessibility. By following these guidelines, sinks are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair users, promoting inclusivity in public and private spaces. ADA compliance in sinks ensures equal access and usability for all, fostering a more inclusive environment in compliance with legal obligations.

3. Why choose Allora USA for ADA-Compliant Kitchen Sinks?

Allora USA stands out for ADA-compliant kitchen sinks, ensuring accessibility and compliance. Our ADA sinks prioritize functionality and style, meeting stringent ADA standards. Choose Allora USA for premium ADA kitchen sinks, blending quality craftsmanship with regulatory compliance.

A boy in a wheelchair is slicing vegetables on a wooden cutting board, utilizing an ADA-compliant kitchen sink.

Ultimate Guide to Designing an ADA-Compliant Kitchen for Builders, Contractors, and Designers

Explore practical advice on optimizing layout and selecting fixtures, ensuring both functionality and style in ADA kitchen sinks. Join us in the journey of creating kitchens that are not only visually appealing but also fully accessible, aligning with Allora USA's dedication to equipping industry experts with inclusive design expertise to meet ADA requirements.

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