5 Cleaning tips for your fireclay farmhouse sink

5 Cleaning tips for your fireclay farmhouse sink
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You want the clean, classic, sophisticated look of a porcelain sink. But you’re also rightly worried about cracks, scratches, and stains.

After all, the kitchen sink should be a high functioning workhorse first.

If that’s you, then fireclay might be the perfect kitchen sink material for your kitchen design. It looks like porcelain, but can take as much punishment as stainless steel, and last several decades.

Like any other sink material, you have to care for it, of course, but it takes much less maintenance than most.

Here are our top 5 tips to help a fireclay kitchen sink last as long as possible.

1. Clean It Regularly.

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to make any sink last as long as possible.

For fireclay, a gentle wash with a soft cloth or sponge and dish soap will remove dirt, grime, and debris.

Baking soda and Barkeeper’s Friend are a great way to buff out any tough stains or gunk.

Pro tip: Drying the sink completely after each use will prevent hard water buildup and stains.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Acids.

Harsh chemicals and steel brushes can wear away the glossy glaze on a fireclay sink, and leave it looking dull, even causing scratches and discoloration.

So simple soap and warm water is best.

Pro tip: Acidic foods can also discolor the finish over time. So rinse off tomatoes or citrus fruit right away.

3. Refresh with Extra Shine

Fireclay keeps its luster longer than most other materials. But even the toughest sink needs a refresh now and then to keep looking its best.

You can spray a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water over the sink and let it sit for about an hour. Rinse completely and wipe the sink dry.

Not only will this help restore the sparkle in your fireclay basin, it also kills bacteria to leave your sink sparkling clean.

Pro tip: You can also scrub the grooves around the drain and faucet with a toothbrush to work out any grime that may be hiding in nooks and crannies.

4. Use Sink Wax.

Even though fireclay is very durable, we’ve already seen that the finish can be damaged. Best way to keep a fireclay sink looking its best long-term? Protect its finish with wax about once a month.

You can use general-purpose liquid wax, which is safe for kitchen sinks once it sets. Or, if you don’t mind paying a little more, you can use beeswax or butcher’s block wax, which are food safe.

Because you’re only using a small amount about once a month, waxing your sink doesn’t cost a lot. Most types of wax come in large containers for under $30

After completely drying the sink, liquid wax can be painted over the surface with a soft cloth or applicator. Once it’s dry, the sink is good to go.

Pro tip: Not only can sink wax protect the look of a fireclay kitchen sink. It also helps with drainage and makes the sink easier to clean.

5. Protect Your Sink with a Grid

Sink grids protect your sink from wear and tear by keeping dishes and heavy cookware off the bottom of the basin. They also make the sink easier to use by keeping the drain clear.

A rubber mat can also do the job, but tend to trap food debris. This makes the sink hard to use, especially if you’re washing a lot of dishes.

It’s also very unpleasant to clean afterward.

A steel grid if much better for protecting your sink without affecting its usability. A grid that’s custom-fitted for your sink is the best way to protect it from damage.

Pro tip: All Allora fireclay sinks include a grid. The sink grids come with grid feet and bumper protectors to keep your sink looking its best for years to come.

Think Fireclay Is Right for Your Kitchen?

Allora USA fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks, like all our sinks and faucets, are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Which is the best way to be sure your sink will last as long as possible.

With competitive pricing, bulk discounts, fast delivery, and extended support, we want to help you create a dream kitchen your client will love for decades to come.

Not sure what you need? Send us your specs and we’ll help you find the perfect match for your next project!

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