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When it comes to our kitchens we love a clean classic look that is functional and comfortable for family and friends!

Each year there is always a new mix of trends circulating that can add a more stylish and updated feel to your space. In this article, we have listed some of the most popular and practical Spring 2021 kitchen trends. Whether you are looking to remodel or just do some spring cleaning on your outdated decor, you’ll find new ideas here.

Paint Trends for Spring 2021

Jewel Tones

These colors consist of emeralds, deep navy, and ruby. While still providing a pop of color, jewel toned colors still provide a sophisticated and dramatic look to your kitchen.


On the flip side, pastel colors are popular for Spring 2021. Similarly to the jewel tones, the most popular pastel colors for the kitchen are green, blue, and pink. They bring a calming and refreshing element to the kitchen. You still get to that aspect of a pop of color but just more subtle.

Storage Trends for Spring 2021

Open Shelving

Upper cabinets are becoming less and less of a necessity in the kitchen. A stylistic spin to upper cabinets is open shelving where you can display some of your favorite dishes and decor. Not only is it a trendy touch to your kitchen but also provides easier access to your everyday dishes.

Glass Doors

If you like the idea of being able to see your favorite dishes and decor in your kitchen, glass cabinet doors are the way to go. Using the glass doors on a few upper cabinets allows for added storage and a trendy touch.



In 2021 touch sensitive and touchless faucets have become a necessity in kitchens. Whether it be heightened hygienic awareness or the progression of technology, these faucets have increased the overall functionality of the kitchen and are increasing in popularity.


Sinks that make a statement help tie the entire theme of your kitchen together. Instead of the normal stainless steel sink, consider a black, brass, or white colored sink. If your kitchen has warm tones and you are looking to stick with that theme, black sinks are the perfect solution. Black sink materials can consist of stainless steelgranite composite, or even marble. Copper sinks are great for a more rustic theme and also bring a warm tone to the kitchen. White sinks provide a more farmhouse or sleek feel. White sink materials can consist of composite, fireclay, or cast iron.

Kitchen Island Functionality

For Larger Kitchens

Since many of us have adjusted to working from home, kitchen islands have become a multifunctional space for not only food but for work. For a larger kitchen, a large island is a perfect use of space for a bar sink, plenty of drawers for storage, and added dining seating.

For Smaller Kitchens

Maybe you don’t have 20+ square feet of kitchen space to place an island but still want the functionality of one. No problem, now more than ever islands come in many different sizes. There are even islands you can fold in and out. Small kitchen islands on wheels are also very popular so you are able to move it around the kitchen to create space where you need it.

2021 Spring Decor

Colorful Vases

Colorful vases whether it be clay, patterned, or glass can add the perfect pop of color in your kitchen without going overboard. Decorating and painting vases are also an easy DIY project to create a piece that flows with your kitchen theme.

Bring The Outside In

Although faux plants have taken the decorating world by storm, adding real plants near the kitchen windows adds a refreshing element. You can even pot them in your new DIY vases.

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