Top 5 Kitchen Accessories to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Top 5 Kitchen Accessories to Prevent Cross-Contamination
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When we talk of food, cross-contamination is a technical term we use when the bacteria on a kitchen tool get transferred to the food via direct contact. Two of the most common kitchen tools that facilitate cross-contamination are the cutting board and the knife. And it is not just the bacteria that get transferred, there may be viruses and toxins too. 

The most obvious result of the consumption of contaminated food is food poisoning. As someone who cooks at home, it is imperative to invest in certain products that reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination in your cooking space. So, let's scroll down and take a look at some kitchen tools that you can use to prevent cross-contamination. 

#1  Sink Soap Dispenser 

Our hands are home to all kinds of germs & viruses. And the COVID-19 pandemic has put weight behind this statement that washing your hands can save your and others' lives. So, it is important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when preparing the food and before serving. But if you are using a soap bar, you could actually be spreading the contamination. 

Install a sink soap dispenser in your kitchen to conveniently clean your hands at regular intervals. A sink soap dispenser eliminates the need of using a soap bar.

#2 Motion-Sensor Kitchen Faucet

The motion sensor kitchen faucets is an amazing innovation that doesn't only add style to your cooking space, but also assists you to efficiently do your dishes, saving a considerable amount of time. They help in maintaining proper hygiene in your kitchen, and prevent cross-contamination because of touching faucet handles. There is minimal transfer of germs and bacteria from the handle to the members of your family using it. 

These faucets are not only easy to install but also efficient to operate, especially if your house has a heavy flow of utensils. In addition, they also save on your daily water usage as the water supply is automatically turned off immediately when the hands or dish is removed from underneath the faucet.

#3 Vegetable Cleaner Machine

An ultrasonic vegetable cleaner is a must-have in your modern kitchen to ensure all your veggies & fruits are risk-free from bacteria & viruses. Also, you can prevent dangerous microbes & toxins from entering your body. 

At the time of producing vegetables and fruits, farmers use chemicals such as fertilizers & pesticides, which leave unhealthy residues on the produce even after they have been washed in the kitchen with plain water. So, it is advisable that for thoroughly cleaning raw veggies and fruits, you make use of a cleaner machine. 

Even with the packaged veggies, there is a contamination risk from dioxins gotten from the packing materials. Only a modern vegetable cleaner meant for effective cleaning, to get rid of microbes, germs, and dirt.

#4 Use Separate Dishes/Cutting Boards

Unless you are not bothered about spreading germs and bacteria to your food, do not place cooked food on different surfaces where the raw stuff such as egg, meat, seafood was placed earlier. 

Always have separate plates & utensils for both raw and cooked food. Have more than one cutting board; one for poultry, seafood or raw meat; other for fresh produce like vegetables and fruits. 

Make sure you replace these boards when there are excessive cuts and cracks from your knives. Keep raw food away from the prepared meals in the kitchen.

#5 Incorporate UV Lights

We know the ultraviolet lights in the cooking spaces are effective in killing fungus, viruses, mould, and bacteria. 

With the recent advances in this technology, now it is possible to bring clinical-level cleaning used in hospitals into our everyday spaces. 

The UV lights are the best substitute for chemical disinfectants, which might contribute to a negative effect on you and your kid's health.


To safeguard you and your family from not only from the COVID-19 virus but also various other food-borne germs, it is imperative to maintain good kitchen hygiene and strengthen your immune system. 

Keep your cupboard and shelves neat & clean. Wash your hands before preparing and serving food, and clear the countertop to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria. 

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