Designing a Theme for your Kitchen

Designing a Theme for your Kitchen
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Your sink is the centerpiece of your kitchen, and no single room experiences more traffic than your kitchen. When you begin creating a theme for your kitchen, it is easy to focus on cabinets, countertops, and flooring. However, bringing all of those elements together is the kitchen sink. Understanding your theme will help you select the perfect centerpiece for your design. Whether you're planning a complete remodeling job or a do-it-yourself facelift, you have an idea of the environment you want to create. The feeling you want to evoke in your family, friends, and guests when they are standing in the heart of your home. There are a limitless number of themes for any kitchen, and the sink will be the crown jewel.


Subdued and elegant are the hallmarks of a traditional kitchen. Soft colors that create a calm and welcoming environment for making Tuesday dinner or enjoying a Saturday night get together. If you prefer to avoid modern trends and stick with the classics, then few kitchen sinks will complement your design quite like a standard kitchen sink. Or you can enhance your theme and claim a bit more usable space by selecting a sink with a corner radius of 25. Once you've decided on that perfect sink, don't forget to accent the design with the right kitchen faucet. In keeping with a more traditional theme, you won't go wrong with the timeless design of a gooseneck pull-down faucet.


If your inner chef inspires you, then your design will likely take you to something a bit more sleek and dramatic. You are not looking to create a typical setting; you want to feel like you're in a professional kitchen every time you cook. When it comes to hosting family and friends, your kitchen can't be another room; it has to be something that captures attention. Your countertops, cabinets, and colors are dynamic, bold, and eye-catching. Top off your perfect kitchen with a zero or 15 radius sink, the tight corners, and sleek lines offer the ultimate finish touch. You've found the right sink, but now you need to complete your ideal kitchen with a faucet just as bold as your design. Avoid going with chrome or brushed nickel, and opt for a black faucet with a flexible neck. The industrial style and color will put your personality on display.


 Beautiful and comfortable, a place where everyone likes to gather, your kitchen isn't just for cooking; you have designed it for hosting. A classic kitchen won't immediately attract your guests, a modern kitchen will catch their attention, but a rustic kitchen will be the center of gravity that draws everyone to the same spot.  Warmth exists in every facet of your new kitchen, a place that leaves you feeling relaxed and far removed from the stress of everyday life. Creating a rustic look calls for a sink unlike any other, a zero or 15 radius apron sink. The fully exposed stainless apron casts a charming spell to complete your rustic design. You have one final decision to finalize your rustic vision—a chrome gooseneck, with flexible neck engineered to top off your rustic paradise.

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