Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

Getting Your Home Ready For Fall
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Seasonal Trends To Make Your Home Fall-Ready

For many people, Fall is the season of choice; not too cold, not too hot, perfect.

Days in the Fall season can get fairly hot, while nights can get fairly chilly so it’s important to make some essential updates and changes to your home to prepare for the polar climates. 

As Summer comes to a close, it’s time to get rid of the lightweight and breathable materials and switch them out for something more appropriate for the chilly nights coming ahead.

Here are the Fall 2019 trends that are not only for aesthetics but for functionality as well:

Heavyweight Curtains

During the day time, ideally, you want to keep your curtains open and out of the way of the windowpane to allow the most sunlight into your home.

At night, however, people tend to close their curtains to allow for some privacy. 

Take a look at your current curtain set. If it is somewhat of a lightweight fabric, consider switching them out for something with more substance and weight. 

Heavier curtains will make it easier to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. 

Implementing a thicker curtain style now will allow you to keep them in place as Winter rolls around. 


Where Summer calls for lightweight fabrics and textiles such as linen or lightweight kinds of cotton, Fall invites weightier fabrics and textiles. 

Velvet is a perfect option for the Fall to implement in your home because it is conductive in nature and also offers an elegant and luxurious aesthetic to your home’s furniture sets, beds, etc.

Velvet textiles are offered in a wide array of colors as well so you shouldn’t have to worry about color schemes and coordinating them with the rest of your home. 


If you don’t have a proper mudroom set up in your home, you could be dealing with excessively muddy shoes and muddy floors!

For those unfamiliar, a mudroom is a designated location in your home, usually at a place where you are either entering/leaving your home (i.e. garage or backyard patio), that allows you to clean up your shoes and place extra items that you don’t need inside for storing. 

A functional mudroom usually requires a shoe rack and a few floor mats that are durable enough to be abused.

After all, you and your family will likely be rubbing off dirt and mud off your shoes on them so it’s best to go with an option that can withstand some damage.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fall is one of the best, if not the best time to fertilize your lawn. 

During the Summer, the high temperatures can affect your grass’s health. During the Fall, however, the cooler temperatures will allow grass to fully recover and stay healthy.

The goal is to fertilize now and get the grass's roots up to a healthy level so come Springtime, you’ll have a green, lush looking lawn to flaunt to your neighbors. 
High temperatures can often work against the productivity of most fertilizers so the best time of day to fertilize is either in the early mornings before the sun’s peak, or during the early evenings when the sun starts to go down.

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