Best Bathroom Faucet Finishes for Multifamily Builds

What do multifamily residents in 2024 want?

The demographics of multifamily residents have changed since 2020.

More families with kids and empty nesters are opting for multifamily homes as housing prices and interest rates have gone up.

So fixtures like bathroom faucets need to be durable and easy to use for everyone from young kids to elders with arthritis. Since 2020, more young professionals are working from home, too. And they’re looking for a comfortable, stylish place to spend the majority of their time. 

Put this all together and you have buyers and residents in different neighborhoods who want very different things. And they can often be picky. 

They want every detail to look and feel perfect. Small perceived imperfections, like bathroom fixtures that look dated, can affect your selling price.

It’s a tall order. But choosing the right bathroom faucet finishes is a smart investment to make any ceramic bathroom sink feel luxurious and withstand years of heavy use.

What Makes the Bathroom Sink and Faucet So Important?

It’s probably the first thing you see walking through the bathroom door. 

Almost all bathroom layouts put the sink directly across from the door, so it might even be visible from outside the room.

It’s also where people spend the most time in the bathroom. It’s where we wash our hands, brush our teeth, put on makeup, and shave our faces. 

If there’s only one bathroom in the unit, then it’s even more important. It has to fit everyone’s needs and look great for guests.

We usually recommend single handle bathroom faucets for multifamily builds. They’re easiest to install and operate, and work well for ADA bathroom designs

Streamlined, modern faucet designs look great with most undermount sinks for bathrooms. 

Once you’ve chosen a design that fits your budget and design aesthetic, you’ll need the right color and finish to take your vanity sink to the next level.

What’s the Best Faucet Finish for Ceramic Bathroom Sinks?

Current bathroom design trends call for softer textures to create a warm, relaxing vibe. So brushed, matte, and satin finishes are the way to go if it’s within budget.

Textural faucets enhance undermount sinks for bathrooms in a few ways.

Add Luxury

Brushed and satin finishes add softness to the bathroom sink. 

Chrome is more affordable, but it has a hard, high-shine look that looks better in a commercial space. It doesn't fit with many people’s desire for a spa-like oasis in their home bathroom. 

If you have room in your budget, you can get a high-end result for a relatively low added cost by going with textural fixtures.

Decrease Upkeep

High shine chrome is often a go-to because it’s affordable. But it can start to look dingy pretty quickly because it shows a lot of smudges and scratches.

Matte, brushed and satin finishes won’t show water spots, fingerprints, or scratches as easily. So a textural finish is a great choice to keep the bathroom sink looking great with all that heavy use. 

Some manufacturers offer specially-made finishes that are fingerprint-resistant, these are usually quite affordable and are a great option to keep the bathroom looking clean. Allora USA offers multiple finishes with this key feature!

Works Better With Most Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

There’s usually lighting directly over the sink to highlight the faucet and basin. The soft sheen of brushed and satin finishes prevents glare from overhead lighting. 

Although high-shine finishes can look clean and modern, they can also create a glare. Plus, focused lighting can highlight all those fingerprints you won’t need to worry about with a satin finish.

Best soft texture bathroom faucet

So what’s the best bathroom faucet material if you’re looking for a soft texture?

Brushed nickel is a great option. It has a warmer undertone than chrome, which will help the room feel more welcoming and spa-like. 

It’s a little more expensive than chrome, but the luxurious texture will appeal to residents who can spend a little more for a high-end home.

Black bathroom faucets also have a matte finish while adding a unique detail.

How to Make Trendy Faucet Colors Work with Ceramic Sinks

In 2024, black bathroom faucets are in high demand. 

They’re often more expensive than other options, but can add a lot of sophistication to a bathroom. Which means you can increase your asking price and attract buyers with a bigger budget.

But are black bathroom faucets just a passing trend? Probably not. Because they’re neutral enough to fit with a wide range of color schemes, a black faucet in a modern design will have lasting appeal.

Especially if you pair it with attractive counters and an undermount bathroom sink. Undermount sinks for bathrooms are stylish as well as easier to use and keep clean. 

So what’s the best way to use a black faucet with an undermount vanity sink?

Pair it with a black ceramic sink.

Black ceramic sinks create a modern look that can make the whole bathroom feel like a day spa in your own home.

You can get a high-end result by:

  • Mounting a dark sink and faucet in white quartz or marble with hints of gray for a high-contrast result.
  • Pairing it with medium-toned wood with gray undertones for a sleek and stylish impact.
  • Considering dark paint or cabinets for a moody, masculine appeal.

Keep things neutral with a white ceramic sink.

Black on black is a bold choice for a bathroom sink. But black bathroom faucets also look amazing with white ceramic basins.

White ceramic bathroom sinks are a great choice for most multifamily projects. They’re neutral, making it easier for each resident to put their personal touches on the room.

They’re also easier to keep clean and won’t show toothpaste or water spots as easily as a dark basin.

A black faucet creates a pop of contrast against a white basin, which can help your bathroom design stand out from the competition. Black lighting fixtures, towel racks, or hardware on the cabinets will help the design feel more cohesive.

Getting the Best Bathroom Faucet for Every Build

At the end of the day, high quality fixtures are the best way to appeal to your clients.

At Allora USA, we’re very selective about what materials we offer. We've curated our catalog to offer faucet materials that have the best blend of durability and affordability.

Narrowing our focus has allowed us to ensure you always get the highest quality pieces, every time.

Plus we offer:

  • Discounts for commercial projects.
  • ADA models to match standard models in most sink designs.
  • Guaranteed pricing.
  • Guaranteed stock.
  • Product warranties.
  • Fast customer support
  • Free shipping to most areas in the US.
  • Delivery within 5 days or less anywhere in the US.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.

A gorgeous bathroom faucet will pay dividends by helping to attract high quality residents to your multifamily build. Browse our selection of bathroom faucets in the best materials for multifamily builds. Or send us your specs and we’ll put together a list of options that will be a perfect fit.

With dedicated professional support, we’ll make it easy to get the right fixtures at the right price for this and all your future projects.

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