Single or Double? Choosing the Right Sink

Single or Double? Choosing the Right Sink
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What bowl configuration will work best with your kitchen routine and lifestyle? This feature of a sink purchase often gets little attention compared to other features. However, this is one of the most important decisions when selecting a new sink.

Start with cabinet size

Start by measuring your cabinet, then start shopping for your sink

The available space within your cabinet determines the length of the sink you can purchase. You can find this out by measuring the width of your cabinet and start looking at sinks with the proper length. A smaller cabinet width will leave you with only single bowl sinks as as an option. For cabinets wider than 30 inches, your choices for bowl configuration quickly begin to increase.  Once you move into double bowl sinks, you’ll start to find a variety of options.

The types of double bowl sinks

Double sinks offer multiple options

Double sinks come in various configurations, and how you use your sink matters when it comes to selecting the right sink. Equal bowls are the standard for double sinks, which means that both bowls are the same width, length, and depth. Offset bowls come in a host of different styles, the primary attribute of an offset double bowl is that one bowl is larger than the other. The measurements of these two bowls can vary significantly based on the size of your cabinet and each offset style.

Why bowl configuration matters


Pick the right sink for your house, family and daily routines

Again, this decision is based on personal preference, but it's something you will live with once you’ve purchased your sink. Why configuration matters can be best demonstrated by how you utilize your sink. If you cook or entertain often, then you know the frustration of dealing with a stack of oversized pots, pans, or serving plates. Basin space becomes important as many double sinks simply will not provide the basin size required to clean all those dishes easily.

Multi-taskers and busy households benefit from double bowl sinks. Even if you find yourself occasionally with a larger pot or pan, if your kitchen serves to handle a range of daily tasks, then having a single bowl basin may leave you feeling frustrated. Losing access to your sink while doing the dishes has the potential for disrupting all other chores. Soaking pacifiers and baby bottles or cleaning dirty hands can all be done in double bowl sink even if you’re in the middle of washing dishes. For many, washing dishes requires one bowl to clean and another to rinse, this might seem simple, but it can become frustrating if this is your preference and your left with only a single bowl.

Learn from your experiences

Selecting the right sinks requires you to consider your history with sinks. Think about what worked and what left you frustrated. You might momentarily have your heart set on a specific sink, but it is essential to remember that you’ll have to live with that choice. Leaning on your own experience and personal preference will ensure that you won’t find yourself continually resenting your choice.

Start Shopping Today

Once you’ve considered your preference and your cabinet size, we invite you to start shopping Allora USA’s line of kitchen sinks to find your perfect match today.

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