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AL4-05 Two-Screw Faucet Counterweight

AL4-05 Two-Screw Faucet Counterweight

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Two-screw faucet counter weight. Includes: (1) faucet counter weight and screws. Other parts and accessories not included.  

Compatible with models:

4714-KPN, 3714-KPN, 3744-KPN, 2734-KPN, 2754-KPN, A-710-BN, A-710-C, A-726-BN, A-726-C, A-200-SS, A-750-BN, A-740-BL, A-715-BN, A-700-BN, A-700-C, A-6550-BN, A-6550-C, A-720-BN, A-720-C, A-720-G


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