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AL7-01 Shower Rough-In Valve

AL7-01 Shower Rough-In Valve

This high-quality forged brass rough-in shower valve with pressure balanced cartridge features a built-in push-button diverter. The push-button diverter allows you to effortlessly switch between the shower and an accessory, or activate both simultaneously for a complete shower experience.

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  • Material: Ceramic, Forged, Brass
  • Exterior Finish: Brass
  • Product Type: Pressure Balanced Shower Valve
  • Overall Height: 3-7/8 in
  • Overall Length: 4-7/8 in


  • Two button, two port diverter outlet

  • One-piece cartridge design for ease of maintenance

  • High quality forged brass shower valve and diverter body.

  • Service stops located on each side of the valve for local water supply shut off.

  • Adjustable hot temperature anti-scald limit stop.

  • Completely rebuildable with replaceable ceramic disc pressure balance cartridge, push button cartridges and service stops.

  • Rough-in mud guard included with this valve.

  • Multiple anchor points to secure the valve to the inside of the wall.

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What advantages does the pressure-balanced cartridge provide in the rough-in shower valve?
The pressure-balanced cartridge ensures a consistent water temperature by automatically adjusting to changes in water pressure. This feature prevents sudden temperature fluctuations, enhancing safety and comfort during your shower.
How does the built-in push-button diverter enhance the functionality of the shower valve?
The built-in push-button diverter enhances functionality by allowing you to easily switch between the main shower head and an accessory, such as a hand shower. You can also activate both simultaneously, providing a versatile and comprehensive showering experience.
Why is the forged brass construction significant for the rough-in shower valve?
The forged brass construction is significant because it ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Brass is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal material for shower valves, which are exposed to water and varying temperatures regularly.