Designing the Ultimate Kitchen Sink Area

Designing the Ultimate Kitchen Sink Area
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Creating the perfect kitchen sink can make the entire room more appealing.

And that of course means a higher selling price for the project.

So what makes a perfect kitchen sink area?

  • Plenty of space to work comfortably.
  • The versatility to tackle many different tasks at once.
  • A high-end look that suits the design aesthetic.
  • And all within budget, of course.

We’ve put together a quick reference for some of our top resources to make designing the ultimate kitchen sink as easy as possible.

1. Choose an undermount workstation sink.

Undermount sinks don’t have a lip that hangs over the top of the counter. Which means they’re great because you can maximize counter space without sacrificing a roomy basin.

Workstation sinks have drop-in accessories like cutting boards and colanders. Which means you can do multiple jobs all in one place without splitting your sink into separate bowls.

So an undermount workstation offers the maximum usable basin space and the versatility to do multiple jobs. This is the true powerhouse basin.

2. Get the right number of bowls

Always thinking a double basin is the way to go? Two bowls may not always be better than one!

When it comes to the battle royale between a single vs double kitchen sink, many homeowners prefer the spaciousness and high-end look of one large basin. This is also the way to go if you’re designing a small kitchen where space is at a premium.

But double basins make it easier for multiple people to work side by side. You’ll use less water filling up one side of a split basin rather than a large single kitchen sink. Plus, you’ll have somewhere to put a drying rack without taking up counter space.

So which is better between a double bowl kitchen sink vs single?

Choosing the right number of bowls will help you create a functional and comfortable workspace.

3. Choose a sink and faucet color that will set your design apart.

Kitchen sinks can blend in with classic colors like silver stainless or white fireclay. But have you considered making a bold statement with a contrasting sink or faucet?

Choosing the perfect sink and faucet color can take your design to the next level by creating an eye-catching centerpoint.

4. Maximize usable space

A comfortable kitchen sink has plenty of space to handle everything from large pots and cookware to thawing out a whole turkey. But how do you maximize space in a small kitchen?

Knowing how to get the most out of a small kitchen space will help you make the best use out of every inch.

For example, you can get more space out of a smaller kitchen sink by choosing a tight radius or zero radius undermount design.

5. Choose the right faucet

The key to a truly great kitchen sink? The perfect faucet! Adding a faucet with a built-in sprayer will make the sink area as functional as possible without sacrificing looks.

Today’s pull-out and pull-down faucets even give you the versatility of a sprayer in space-saving designs.

6. Add high value accessories that homeowners love

Once you have the perfect kitchen sink in place, equipping it with the right accessories can ensure it gives your clients a lifetime of next-level functionality.

For example, a sink grid can help prevent wear and tear on their sparkling new basin while making the sink more functional. (Which is why Allora offers custom-fitted sink grids for all our sinks!)

Kitting out the rest of the kitchen with hygienic accessories can help keep your clients’ families safe from cross-contamination so they can keep cooking with confidence for years to come.

Ready to start creating the perfect kitchen sink? Shop our selection!

Not sure where to start? Send us your specs and we’ll curate a list of options to help you find the perfect match for your next project.

We have bulk discounts, fast and affordable shipping, and guaranteed stock to make sure your project runs on time and under budget.

With professional support, every install will go as smoothly as possible so you can deliver the ultimate kitchen sink to every client.

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